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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lunch at Syue's house again

Wo hoo.... it's good to be together again.... we planned to have lunch at Syue'z house last Friday... since it was  a public holiday, then this ladies lunch became family lunch ... but of course without hubby's around... ladies only... update all the innocents gossips, change views, share worklife, share family's ups and down.... and most importantly is we share what we cooked and ate... We had pot luck lunch and special thanks to Syue who was very kind to be host for this lunch. 
Our catch of the day..
Special rice with Ayam masak merah + acar (by Syu)
Sphagetti bolognaise (by Tg G)
Secret recipe cake (by Old friend)
Chocolate (by Niz)
Kek Batik (by Syue)
Caramel (by Ms Dots)
All the food was damn good ...
masing-masing dah tersandar kekenyangan
hmm sempat gak pose dengan LV kengkawan.....
sorang lagi nak berangan pose dengan LV kengkawan... bila lagi kan??
p/s : I had a great time with you gals... next time kita boleh gi lunch out kat mana-mana pulak....keep in touch kay...

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