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Friday, January 21, 2011

Uncle Meet Again @ Ayeem Burger Paya Jaras

Uncle Meet Again... where ?? this time we planned to have dinner vis a vis meeting at Paya Jaras.. Meeting for our Chinese New Year's trip to JB. This is already the third meeting with list of suggestions but without conclusion. All members were present (Izwan, Dalyp,Azuan and Randy). Absent with approval (Wan  due to traffic congestions at Batu Cave, enche Senoi, and Izami on paternity leave). So we meet up at R&R Sungai Buloh for teh tarik and Maghrib Prayer then drove all the way to this western stall introduced by Izwan and Dee.
A stall named Ayeem Burger, located at Paya Jaras. A cowboy style waiter welcoming us.. The owner has chose to have a cowboy town decor style for his stall which has simply transformed this ordinary stall to a cosy place to hang out... It's like going to a mini museum that emphasis to every detail things displayed.  
Getting there
If you're on NKVE, take Sg Buloh Exit, then keep left to Kuala Selangor.. After, pasar malam spot.. drive slowly, then you can see this stall on your left... very easy 
Business hours
Open daily from 5.30pm to 2.30am. 
Okay... enough about the stall deco.. now let's see what's served on the table
Chicken Chop
 Lamb Chop
 Beef Steak
Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread

wow... we're so full.. finally Uncle Meet Again have got something decided for our JB trip... wait and see.. 


  1. Assalamualaikum kak, saya nak minta izin nak amik 2 keping gambar boleh tak? saya nak attach kat entry blog. gambar saya blur sangat. harap akak sudi izinkan saya kredit gambar tu dekat blog ini :)

  2. Shiela, by all means, go ahead to use the photos... may sharing for the good intention bring barakah , Insya Allah


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