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Friday, December 12, 2014

Avocado spread

What would be your choice of spread on your bread? Nutella? Fruit jam? Peanut Butter? Butter and Sugar? These are the normal spread me and you would apply on your toast...

As for me, instead of spreading the salted butter, I used ripened avocado on my toast... sprinkle pepper, add olives and cherry tomatoes and there you go.... extremely creamy and delish.. though it is just good by itself but sometime I layered my toast with beef strips or smoked salmon.... Try this out... you'll be addicted. Plus, it is factually nutritious..

Step 1 : Recite bismillahirrahmaanirrahim...

Step 2 : Cut the avocado into halves and remove the skin

Step 3 : Toast 2 slices of wholemeal bread

Step 4 : Spread the chunky avocado flesh on your toast

Step 5 : Sandwich the avocado with another slice of toast

Step 6 : And finally without saying, have your first bite.....

As I ate too much of avocados ... in experiment of planting avocado seeds.... has seen the roots emerged from the seeds....

Just poke 3 toothpicks on the seeds at any angle, soak it in water and place it near window for the sunlight.

My avocado in my office.... hahaha

It is growing and we'll see what will happen on the next couple of weeks.....

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Roasted butternut squash with Sage

This is just another failure on my trial for new recipe... I have been wanting to make this since a month ago... until last monday, where I only managed to get all ingredients ready in the kitchen, and I am so excited to make this for real. But the truth is this could be the first and last time i'm baking this dish... This is one of my unsuccessful recipe that I tried. Though the picture of the dish when I googled was very promising, i am not able to translate the recipe into what i expected it to be.... nevertheless, I will have this jotted on my blog in case i can twig the recipe for improvement in the future... who knows.... leave aside the disappointment, let's have a look at the recipe...




1. Begin by reciting bismillahirrahmaanirrahim
2. Cut the butternut and spread the sugared butter on each piece
3. Sprinkle salt and pepper with a drizzle of olive oil
4.  Crush the biscotti and sprinkle over the butternut
5. Finally put the sage leave on top
6. Bake it

I put more sage ..... i just love to put herbs in my dish....

fresh from the oven

this is how it look like.... it's not crisp as i thought it should be.... very watery.. and i don't quite like it...

nevertheless, I ate 4 pieces and actually it is not that bad... it's just not to my expectation..... in my mind it should be crisp on the outer part and juicy inside ... probably because I used butternut instead of acorn squash? sighhhh

Have a try though....


pssst : I have more than 10 recipes listed to be explored and attempted.... the next one is going to be a blast... just need 1 more ingredient and good to have a go...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Best Penang Rojak in Town

Once in a while, we will have this famous rojak... this can only be available if my colleagues went to eat YongTau Fu somewhere in Jalan Ipoh... there is this uncle selling rojak penang....

Awesomely good.....

Boat Noodle

Have you tried boat noodle? We had it few months back.. in Publika... the concept of having small little portion in a bowl ... it seems fun, but I'm not keen on the idea neither the taste... small serving makes the dishes turn cold faster.

So, the small little bowl look like this... this bowl only cost you RM1.80

one bowl definitely not enough... perhaps you need tw...

Still not satisfying... the have more bowls.... the idea is to show off your stack of bowls ... haha

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Overnight Egg and Cheese Strata

Thinking of something fancy for breakfast? Perhaps can try and make this ... Strata... strata can be prepared savory our sweet... and layer all ingredients a night before , leaving you conveniently just to bake it on the next day. What goes in my strata? let see


Butter, for greasing the baking dish
Slices of hearty whole-wheat/wholemeal or mutigrain bread
6 large egg, beaten
2 1/2 cups of milk
Assorted cheese (Mixed of cheddar & mozarella)
Salt & Pepper to taste
Asparagus stalks
Beef strips
Finely chopped chives


1. Start your cooking by reciting bismillahirrahmanirrahim
2. Preheat the oven 180 degree celcius
3. Butter the ovenproof baking dish
4.Cut the bread into slices. Lay the slices across the baking dish
5. Whisk together the eggs and milk in a large bowl. Stir in half the cheese and season with salth & pepper. I add in my Secret blend. Pour the egg mixture over the bread slices.
6. Layer the beef strips and asparagus stalks . Pour the remaining egg mixture over the top and finish with remaining cheese.
7. At this point, you can bake the strata immediately, or cover with plastic wrap/cling film and refrigerate overnight and bake the next day
8. Bake the strata until golden brown, let it cool, sprinkle the top with top chives, and serve in the baking dish

You can half the potion for smaller crowd , great dish for brunch and potluck.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sup Belut

You all suka tak hirup sup panas-panas, pedas dan masam? Contoh macam tomyum, szechuan hot and sour soup, sup ekor dsb... ai memang suka sangat.. even kalau buat sup ayam atau daging pun ai suka perahkan limau kasturi/limau nipis untuk tambahkan rasa masam tu... barulah kick.

Kalau kena time takde selera, cubalah hirup sup masam... insya allah terus berselera dan kalau yang rasa nak demam, terus rasa berpeluh-peluh...

dan kali ni, pilihan sup masam ai ... jeng jeng.. sup belut... yummy sangat... biasanya, sup belut ni femes kat negeri Kelantan... first time ai makan pun masa kat Kelantan... tapi sekarang ada kawan ai introduce kan satu kedai ni kat area Padang Jawa.... seingat ai dah lebih dari 10 kali pergi makan sup ni sejak diperkenalkan beberapa bulan lepas.....

Sup ni pekat. masam, pedas, lemak semua ada..... kalau berminat boleh lah cari kedai ni.. tapi sorry tak dapat nak share nama kedai sebab tak ingat....


Japanese lunch

I am now a bit adventurous in trying Japanese food..... had this last week... no word to describe, everything is yummy.

my favourite of all... Spicy Kaisen Miso Soup Pasta...

Sushi.. quite not like the rolls in wrap... still prefer the one with rice...


The rice

and the Macha Ice Cream for dessert served with Hokkaido cheesecake


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dapur Magika Kak Lin's secret blend

What is your favourite herbs sprinkled in your daily cooking? I have few but I found it too many if I were to put each type of spice in my cooking everytime... So, I came out with an idea to mix everything and have it combined in one spoonful for my cooking... it contained different substance but just right to give you basic flavour to your cooking.... to balance every ingredients is the key secret for perfect cooking...and you will need just one extra spice to suit your cooking....

So what goes in my magical blend?

Ingredients :

Dried garlic
Medley ground peppercorn (Black, Red, White)
Chilli flakes

Mixed everything and this spicy blend will gives the fiery, bold and robust... just right for pepping up stir fries...suitable for vegetarian.....

Serving suggestions :

Use as desired to add a chilli kick for:-

  1. Curry mix
  2. Italian cooking (Lasagne, Pizza topping, Ragu sauce, bechamel sauce, Aglio Olio, al dante pasta etc.) with the italian mixed herbs added on
  3. Mexican dishes and sauces
  4. Work great for BBQ prep (used for marinating chicken , beef, lamb, hot dog etc)
  5. Salad dressings
  6. Perfect for pan grilled stuff - Fish fillet (especially salmon), vegetables
  7. Taste enhancer for stir fry vegetables or anything
  8. Savoury effect for chicken pie, pastry filling etc...

I used this in most of my dishes..... and that is why I call this my magical blend made with love.... recite bismillahirrahmanirrahim and sprinkle on any food you wish....

Bottled it and store in dry cool place....

Yummy french toast

How to make real good french toast? I am still not able to figure out what is the best mixture and method to make best french toast. My benchmark of good french toast is from red bean bag.. Served with caramelised berries and banana, with a spill of maple syrup.... not oily... It is just perfect.. Can have two sets of these during lunch...

My real concern :

What is the best bread to use?
What do we put in the mixture? Is it just yolk, white eggs only, both? Add whipped cream? Add milk?
Do we bake or pan grilled or what?
Do we deep or spread the batter?
Some use flour?

Soon to be dapur magika kak lin's project.. Insya Allah... but give me a little bit more time to do expand my research on this... until such time happened... I will choose to have my favourite french toast from red bean bag....

Fat burning herbal drink

For my age, it is very easy to gain weight and requires triple effort to loose every pound that I gained. I don't need to eat to gain weight... even if I am just breathing , it can contribute to the number on the weighing scale... sigghhh ... so anything that could help me to control my weight will be initiated... as long as it is doable and practical.

This is what I have been boiling for daily consumption....

My herbal tea made of

Green tea
Young ginger
Mint leaves

Boil everything to simmer, stir anti clockwise, than finally add mint leaves for fresh taste and fragrance... 

Recite bismillahirrahmanirrahim before drink.. Enjoy every sip...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pulut Kuning Berhias - Throwback 16th Anniversary

For the first time in our marriage, I presented my version of Pulut Kuning Berhias for our small celebration on our 16th anniversary with my love ones...enche hubby, beloved kids and close friends.... when comes to handling of glutinous rice, I am truly inexperience and no confidence at all in getting the right texture.. overly worried that it will be overcooked or half cooked (jelantah).. most of the time, it will be by luck.. no specific measurement, it's just based on estimation only.... 

My MIL has a shortcut way of doing this. For daily breakfast, she will just cook the glutinous rice with same level of water with the rice using rice cooker. No coconut milk added. This type of pulut goes well with ikan pekasam, ikan masin or sambal tumis.

ok let see how i did it..... here we are....

Bahan-bahan :

Kunyit hidup
Daun pandan
Daun pisang

Bahan-bahan hiasan (Optional)

Serunding daging
Udang (digoreng)
Tomato ceri
Bunga cengkih
Daun Parsley
Cili merah (direndam dengan air ais)
Telur puyuh (direbus)
Bunga Hiasan

Cara-cara membuatnya :

1. Dimulakan dengan lafaz bismillahirrahmanirrahim
2. Rendam pulut bersama air yang dicampur sedikit garam dan kunyit hidup semalaman
3. Kukus pulut sehingga kembang bersama daun pandan dan dilapikkan dengan daun pisang
4. Masukkan santan yang telah dicampur garam
5. Sedia untuk dihias

Cara menghias :

1. Gunakan loyang bersaiz (7"-8")untuk membentuk lapisan pertama pulut (Tinggi 1 1/2 ")
2. Taburkan serunding daging dan ratakan
3. Lapiskan lapisan kedua pulut setinggi lapisan pertama tadi
4. Dan akhir sekali hias pulut dengan sentuhan kasih mengikut citarasa (seperti contoh di atas)

Tips : Gunakan pencucuk sate / pencungkil gigi untuk tujuan hiasan

Buffet dinner at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Sometime last month, we had dinner at Majestic Hotel , KL. We were treated by our Big Boss for her promotion. Otherwise, I'm not sure whether I'll be here in the first place.... The buffet spread is great... They served full range Japanese menu, which is my favourite among all, Italian, Chinese, Indian, International, Malay of course and some other menu from other parts of the world.... 

I can't described more than the picture above for their desserts.... it has so much variety and it is being served by... just like when you buy over the counter... that gives the freshness and untouched by others... really I'm spoiled by choices they have.


This is what I took from Japanese counter... repeated 3 times to get more... 

and after eating so much of Japanese, I had this bit .. and that's it

Then I'm back to the dessert counter..... they have more than 12 flavours of premium ice-cream served including my favourite scoop, pistachio flavour.... 

It is recommended to have buffet here with your special one... heard the price is quite reasonable and food served are fresh ... no doubt on the variety of food they offered and cozy ambiance came with the package...

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