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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Roasted butternut squash with Sage

This is just another failure on my trial for new recipe... I have been wanting to make this since a month ago... until last monday, where I only managed to get all ingredients ready in the kitchen, and I am so excited to make this for real. But the truth is this could be the first and last time i'm baking this dish... This is one of my unsuccessful recipe that I tried. Though the picture of the dish when I googled was very promising, i am not able to translate the recipe into what i expected it to be.... nevertheless, I will have this jotted on my blog in case i can twig the recipe for improvement in the future... who knows.... leave aside the disappointment, let's have a look at the recipe...




1. Begin by reciting bismillahirrahmaanirrahim
2. Cut the butternut and spread the sugared butter on each piece
3. Sprinkle salt and pepper with a drizzle of olive oil
4.  Crush the biscotti and sprinkle over the butternut
5. Finally put the sage leave on top
6. Bake it

I put more sage ..... i just love to put herbs in my dish....

fresh from the oven

this is how it look like.... it's not crisp as i thought it should be.... very watery.. and i don't quite like it...

nevertheless, I ate 4 pieces and actually it is not that bad... it's just not to my expectation..... in my mind it should be crisp on the outer part and juicy inside ... probably because I used butternut instead of acorn squash? sighhhh

Have a try though....


pssst : I have more than 10 recipes listed to be explored and attempted.... the next one is going to be a blast... just need 1 more ingredient and good to have a go...

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