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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Isha's Piercing Experience

Isha has persistently expressed her intention to wear earrings. So I told her that she's not ready to experience the pain.. but she keep asking me the same question almost everyday..

Isha : Mum.. Isha nak subang macam kakak darin tu
Mum : Okay .. nanti kita pergi tindik
Isha : Bila mum? kita nak pergi tindik subang Isha
Mum : Tunggu Baba balik ofis
Daini : Mum! Isha nak tindik ke?
Mum : Ha..ah
Daini : Isha tak takut sakit ke?
Isha : Taaaaakkkk... mana ada sakiiiitttt.. (sambil mencebik dan menjeling Daini). Isha nak cantik je... mum.. jom la kita beli subang Isha... jom la mum..

and the same conversation being repeated almost every day.. Then, the day before Hari Raya.. we decided to get Isha pierced. We went to Poh Kong @ TESCO Shah Alam to witness the moment.. Isha was so excited.. I chose the standard round shape 24K plated earrings for first timer..

Scene 1 : Start with the marking of piercing point for both ears. Isha was so relax and cool.. siap boleh makan gula-gula lagi.
Scene 2 : Mum confirmed the marking on both ears are centered
Scene 3 : Adjusting the marking point and applying spirit to relief the pain.
Scene 4 : Both the sales assistants ready to do the gun shot.. The piercing will be done at one shot on both ears.
Scene 5 : Ready... 1, 2, tupp!!
Scene 6 : Isha was shock with the pain..
Scene 7 : Isha crying.. because of the pain and shock.. The guy comforting her...
Scene 8 : Isha look herself in the mirror... Well done girl...
Now, Isha is so happy with her new earrings... Thank you mum..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teddy Brooch Organizer

I am not a brooch/accessories keen type of person.. especially because I'm wearing the Ariani or Ariani wannabe type tudung. So the use of brooches is very minimal. In fact I don't need any except if the tudung is bit loose at the face area. However since I discover this new way on how to organise my brooch.. I then started to buy brooch for my personal collection.

Previously, this is how I kept my brooch.. all lump up in a tiny box. I need to dig for the wanted brooch everytime.. I couldn't be bother to wear brooch that matched with my tudung or whatever I wear. Just choose the first one I manage to grab. The problem with the existing storage is that the beads tend to drop and the pin gets blunt then rusted easily...
Then I came up with this simple invention. This idea was originally inspired by my SIL(Gee) who use tissue box cover to keep all her brooches.. I immediately look for one of my daughter's teddy and here you are.... I must confess that my teddy brooch organiser looks cuter .. 
Isn't it cute and practical... for travelling, you can choose the smaller soft toys and grabbed few brooches... it really save my problem... I can easily identify brooch that match with my attire...

Salam Lebaran

Salam lebaran buat semua muslimin dan muslimat terutama
keluarga tercinta, sahabat handai dan rakan taulan.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Minal Aidil Wal Faizin
dari kami sekeluarga.

Raya Preparation

Apart from thinking of what to wear for Hari Raya, I pun tak ketinggalan untuk buat persiapan serba sedikit untuk kuih muih dan hidangan hari raya.. so setelah di compile semua hasil hamper dan kuih muih yang di beli... ai berpuas hati dengan kualiti dan kuantiti kuih yang ada..
My favourite hamper of all.. Comprise of all sorts of quality things... including kek lapis prune yang sangat sedap..
Enche hubby bertungkus lumus mencari air botol yang kononya teramat famous pada zaman kanak-kanak dia... he bought dozens of them with assorted flavours (Ais krim soda, sarsaparila and oren).
For the first hari raya, we will gather at my aunt's house and I bring this lovely blueberry cheesecake ...
and my auntie brought this.. cannot tahan ma.. so delicious...

Room Makeover sempena Hari Raya (Featuring Antique Furnitures)

For this raya, we plan to repaint our room.. the last time we painted this room was 10 years ago and I think I desperately need a makeover to this room. I have no specific concept but for a change I need something bright and cool... This is the view before I repaint my room. Very messy, dull and untidy...
And after the first coat....
I don't know why.. but when come to paint selection Nippon will always be my top choice. Not so long ago, enche hubby went for construction seminar and he got a complimentary 5 litre can Nippon Odourless paint. So we make use of this paint and I have chosen apple green for the finishing and for feature wall I chose darker green tone from Spot-less range.
The entire painting process was very tiring especially when you do it during the fasting month .. but since this is the only time we have.. the determination to see the result outweight the tiring effort.

And finally the painting process completed... and now come to the arranging part.. another tiring session. Still very bare and need some colour coordination for the curtain and quilt cover...
And finally , the best for time being.. and I am quite satisfied with it.. this is the result of the whole transformation ...Not bad hah..
The transformation process is very messy.. because we need to dispose quite no. of unused belonging and think of how to store my things in a very limited space. Me and anche hubby share the same interest where both of us are keen on buying old antique furnitures. These two wardrobe were bought just to keep all my favourite belonging...
You'll be surprise how this thing work..
What I like about antique furnitures?
1. Unique
2. Tahan Lasak
3. Made of high quality solid wood (Merbau, cengal, etc.)
4. Anti white ants (anai-anai)
5. Practical
6. Value for money
This bed age more than 60years already... but still kukuh and mantap.. Each screw length to fix this bed frame is about 4 inches long.
Left : Display cupboard courtesy from my PIL's house
Right : Book case made from solid wood...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Salam Eidul Fitri

Wishing everyone
Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
from me and family...
Have a safe journey...

Ramadhan Day 23

Today we had Chicken Rice as our main dish for Iftar.. 
and Murtabak Singapore Pak Bakar... what I like about this murtabak is that it is a little bit dry and garing but very tasty... It made up of layered pastry and stuffed with minced beef in between the layer.
For kueh we had Kueh Kole Kacang and Pulut Panggang..
oh I forgot we had this too. Curry Puff with Black Pepper beef filling..
very simple indeed but everything seems to be very nice.. Less is more

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ramadhan Day 22 - Nasi Kabshah

Hari ni menu berbuka di taja oleh rakan-rakan ofis yang berhajat untuk bersedekah di bulan Ramadhan. They all berhajat untuk belanja Nasi Arab- Kabshah Rice yang diorder khas dari Restoran Mat'am Saba', Cyberjaya. Actually, dapat sorang sebungkus je .. tapi I order additional 2 pack untuk me and family.

Serba sedikit mengenai Kabshah Rice ni.. Nasi dia simple je.. Nasi dan Ayam berempah.. Cuba beras yang digunakan dari jenis Basmathi.. so nasi dia panjang-panjang dan tak muak.. It comes together with the special sauce made from tomato and chiili and rasa dia masam-masam sikit..
But I add on my on salad which took few minutes to prepare..
Ingredients :
1. Cucumber (remove the middle part) - diced
2. Tomato - diced
3. Cili Padi - sliced
3. Lemon Juice
4. Sugar and Salt (for taste)
5. Coriander leave...
That's it.. tossed everything together and ready to be serve. It really a great appertizer.
Today, rezeki memang murah.. my next door neighbour bagi cucur udang with peanut sauce..
And my mom gives nasi lemak bungkus daun pisang
For kueh.. I bought this Seri Muka.. very authentic
Today, I am going to share with you enche hubby's favourite drink during the month of Ramadhan..
Air Timun Acheh..
Timun ni memang waktu bulan puasa je banyak dijual.. Kalau kat sekitar Shah Alam ni memang payah nak jumpa.. selalu nya we all beli kat enche hubby's hometown, Sg Besar. Rupa bentuk fizikal dan aroma buah ni tak ubah macam honey dew except that bentuk dia lebih lonjong .. Rasa dia cuma manis-manis buah sahaja..
Cara-cara penyediaannya :
1.Kupas kulit buah timun acheh ni
2. Belah dan buangkan biji di tengah timun ni
3. Sagat timun acheh ni
4. Campurkan air gula dan air. Tambah ais dan sedia untuk diminum.
Rasa dia sangat segar dan kalau suka boleh tambahkan sedikit susu... Selamat mencuba

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