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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teddy Brooch Organizer

I am not a brooch/accessories keen type of person.. especially because I'm wearing the Ariani or Ariani wannabe type tudung. So the use of brooches is very minimal. In fact I don't need any except if the tudung is bit loose at the face area. However since I discover this new way on how to organise my brooch.. I then started to buy brooch for my personal collection.

Previously, this is how I kept my brooch.. all lump up in a tiny box. I need to dig for the wanted brooch everytime.. I couldn't be bother to wear brooch that matched with my tudung or whatever I wear. Just choose the first one I manage to grab. The problem with the existing storage is that the beads tend to drop and the pin gets blunt then rusted easily...
Then I came up with this simple invention. This idea was originally inspired by my SIL(Gee) who use tissue box cover to keep all her brooches.. I immediately look for one of my daughter's teddy and here you are.... I must confess that my teddy brooch organiser looks cuter .. 
Isn't it cute and practical... for travelling, you can choose the smaller soft toys and grabbed few brooches... it really save my problem... I can easily identify brooch that match with my attire...

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