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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Room Makeover sempena Hari Raya (Featuring Antique Furnitures)

For this raya, we plan to repaint our room.. the last time we painted this room was 10 years ago and I think I desperately need a makeover to this room. I have no specific concept but for a change I need something bright and cool... This is the view before I repaint my room. Very messy, dull and untidy...
And after the first coat....
I don't know why.. but when come to paint selection Nippon will always be my top choice. Not so long ago, enche hubby went for construction seminar and he got a complimentary 5 litre can Nippon Odourless paint. So we make use of this paint and I have chosen apple green for the finishing and for feature wall I chose darker green tone from Spot-less range.
The entire painting process was very tiring especially when you do it during the fasting month .. but since this is the only time we have.. the determination to see the result outweight the tiring effort.

And finally the painting process completed... and now come to the arranging part.. another tiring session. Still very bare and need some colour coordination for the curtain and quilt cover...
And finally , the best for time being.. and I am quite satisfied with it.. this is the result of the whole transformation ...Not bad hah..
The transformation process is very messy.. because we need to dispose quite no. of unused belonging and think of how to store my things in a very limited space. Me and anche hubby share the same interest where both of us are keen on buying old antique furnitures. These two wardrobe were bought just to keep all my favourite belonging...
You'll be surprise how this thing work..
What I like about antique furnitures?
1. Unique
2. Tahan Lasak
3. Made of high quality solid wood (Merbau, cengal, etc.)
4. Anti white ants (anai-anai)
5. Practical
6. Value for money
This bed age more than 60years already... but still kukuh and mantap.. Each screw length to fix this bed frame is about 4 inches long.
Left : Display cupboard courtesy from my PIL's house
Right : Book case made from solid wood...

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