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Friday, October 18, 2013

Phuket Trip

This is another city combo trip for us.... so far we have done this kind of arrangement and alhamdulillah our trip went through successfully as planned.... it's a bit tricky to do the flight booking... but with experience... you can get it done....

Combo and multiple city trip for us

Kuala Lumpur - Jogjakarta - Jakarta - Bali - Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur - Surabaya - Bali - Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur - Shenzhen - Hong Kong - Macau - Shenzhen - Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok - Patayya (by land transportation)- Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur - Chiang Mai - Phuket - Kuala Lumpur

and next to come

Kuala Lumpur - Hat Yai - Krabi - Phuket - Kuala Lumpur (another exciting project for us... can't wait)

This year probably a year to visit Thailand for both of us.... We've been to 4 main cities and going for another 2 cities end of this year... since I have not been to these cities.... and we have been in and out of Indonesia for the past few years... I thought it will be a good vacation destination for us.... next to come..... ah ha... surpriseeeee.....

Let's get back to Phuket....

Phuket or Patong Beach is the most happening spot for tourists coming from rest of the world looking for fun and relaxing time.... put aside the "entertainment" bit....hmmm me definitely not a fan to that... we were here for the beaches... the beaches are still the best attraction for us to be here....

On our Phuket trip :

Day 1 : 
3.00 pm : Arrival at airport from Chiang Mai
4.00 pm : Arrived Patong beach by Airport Shuttle Bus 
(Cheapest to get to town ... pay THB90 per person)
5.00 pm : Checked in Hotel ACCA
5.30 pm : Rent a motorbike
6.30 pm : Easy ride around town, makan2
10.00pm : Massage and back to hotel


ACCA Hotel

Spent the rest of evening enjoying sunset and breathing fresh air by the beach side.....

Day 2 : 
7.00 am : Breakfast and Tapau for Island Hoping
9.00am-7.00pm : Island Hoping to Phi-Phi Island and etc..
7.30 pm : Checked in Nicky's Handlebar Hotel
8.30 pm : Easy ride around town, makan2
10.00pm : Massage and back to hotel

Extracted from Phuket Tour Website...

We paid THB1,700 per person for this tour

09.30-10.30 Pick-up from your hotel 
11.00 Departure fom Chalong pier to Phi Phi Islands by speedboat.
12.00 Arrive at Phi Phi Leh Island
Relaxing at Maya Bay, the beach featured in the movie "The Beach".
Snorkeling at Loh Samah Bay.
Visit at Pileh Lagoon.
Sightseeing at Viking Cave.
Sightseeing at Monkey Beach.
13.30 Arrive at Phi Phi Don and enjoy a great lunch at Ton Sai Bay. Spend your leisure time on the beach.
14.30 Visit at Mosquito Island and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea with colorful fishes over the huge Hin Klang Coral Reef.
15.30 Arrival at Bamboo Island for relaxing on the private white sandy beach.
16.30 Departure from Bamboo Island.
17.30-18.00 Arrive at the pier and transfer back to your hotel.

Most pictures were taken at Pileh Lagoon...

Unanimously be our favourite spot on all the Phi Phi Island's ..Pileh Lagoon is a simply breathtaking. A naturally formed lagoon with a deep sink-like bottom and shear limestone cliffs surrounding the lagoon on all sides. It's nature most awe-inspiring swimming pool................

in other parts of Phi Phi Island...

Jumping shot... gout mak ot

Ready to depart from the Islands

On our back to Phuket, the waves is very took us almost 2 hours on the boat..... alhamdulillah we safely arrived in Patong...

Day 3
7.00 am : Breakfast and easy ride
8.00am-9.30pm : Easy Ride to Phuket Town
10.00am - 11.30 am: Final shopping at Phuket Premium Outlet
12.00pm : Hotel checked out
12.00 pm - 2.00 pm: Easy ride around town, makan2
2.30 pm : Depart to Phuket International Airport
5.00pm : Took flight back to Kuala Lumpr

Our easy ride.....



Jalan-jalan around Phuket town

Many tourist didn't come here.... most of the tourist spent most of their time in Patong Beach or any other famous beach in Phuket Island... but me and enche hubby were so curious to see the Phuket Old Town .... a very peaceful town... we came here to look for a tea... you must try their milk tea... the taste is very nice .... so we did found the tea at shop near the market area.. and bought 2 big packets to bring back to Malaysia....

There's nice photo spot for photo session....

Phuket Old Street... Soi Rommanee and History of On On Hotel.....

An hour of shopping at Phuket Premium outlet..... so many things to grab... but we're here on our last day.... time and cash is limited..... so probably coming back again next month.... being here is like going to JPO.... the layout is very similar....

Sempat la jugak beli..... baju and kasut untuk pakai masa balik

a pair from Converse

Shirts from Levi's.....

then...pecut laju-laju ke Patong Beach untuk check out from Nicky's Handlebar...a hotel with a Harley Davidson decoration concept...

Beach photo again.... we're both a beach person..... beach..beach..beach... tak pernah jemu tengok keindahan ciptaan yang maha esa..... laut terbentang luas , awan biru.... just love it

and our last lunch in Phuket.... though we had this everyday.... twice a day.... or three times a day.... we never get bored..... Sticky rice with fried chicken

and finally the famous pancake.... with chocolate and banana...

and off we go on the airport shuttle bus.... just the two of us.... no other passenger except us....

 and the driver....

went off bus right at the International departure terminal........ 

on Air Asia.....btw.. I have been nominated to be Air Asia most loyal frequent traveller... and upgraded as VIP member by for this trip... i have been nominated to be Air Asia's Eye of Sky.... to provide feedback on the crew... in return, being rewarded a cash voucher.... what a saving..... will be used to contra my next flight purchase with Air Asia... thanks Air Asia

the end of Phuket Trip

I have a continuation on our Chiang Mai trip.... some photos taken from enche hubby's phone.... which I must share with you guys....

Two things about the above photos...

- We met this Australian guy that can speak bahasa and Indon language....we shared interest that Bali is our favourite destination.... and he felt so happy that he finally can speak bahasa with us... though he commented that I can speak English well.... hahahhahah

- The mango juice we had is super yummy and cheap in Chiang Mai... THB30 ... we even can afford to pay for our friend's drink... same drink cost at least THB60-THB120 in Phuket..... we were rewarded recently on our drink purchase... a cendol for two of us were paid by a couple we shared the table with...that's about life... being kind to others will be paid in kind to... just a matter of time

Enche hubby's cooking experience...

Though I told you guys earlier that enche hubby didn't join for the cooking class... but he get himself very much involved apart from being supportive to me......



His carrot carving.....

I guess he deserve for the certificate... I am so proud of you.... thank you for all your love and support... being so understanding and my travel mate with highest patient and tolerant level....


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