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Friday, July 30, 2010

Shop till you sleep ... zzz zzz

Every Sunday morning is my marketing day . It's our routine to go and buy for 1 week ration at wet market. But last Sunday was exceptional b'coz it's month end means have to go to wet market then continue to shop at Tesco for groceries shopping as well. Buying for the one month stock can be very tiring for me.. 2 trolleys full load with goods normally requires us about 1-1 1/2 hours to finish our shopping. Normally, I did not bring the kids to shop but since it's Sunday .. my three little kids will insist to follow us...  So, end up my little boy slept in trolley...
Couldn't be bothered what's happening around.... zzzz zzzzz

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre Bonus Shopping

Well , last weekend I have put forward a proposal to enche hubby... Can I go for hari raya shopping now instead of next week coz the sale is ending soon?. So he kind of agreed with me.. Since I was expecting something positive to come in this week.. and I thought it is a good idea I bought it now during sale. Actually my decision was quite right. We went to Guess Boutique Bukit Tinggi Klang..  I like to come here b'coz there still a lot of choices compared to other Guess outlet. What I like most .. last weekend, since they are boosting up their sales, they give further discounts on selected items. My intention is just to buy jeans but end up buying this handbag..
Original Price - RM469
After Less 50% + Additional 15% = RM199.30
Then I bought this jeans.. Stretch and Extensible, Straight cut
Nice denim wash.. Flowered material in the inner waist...
Embroidered pocket with studded's just awesome
Original Price - RM499
After less : 15% + Additional 15% = RM360.50
But guess what?? I thought I'm the one who suppose to shop.. but enche hubby pun tumpang sekaki gak... He bought a pair of jeans and a watch... He said to the promoter.. I yang belanja....ini sudah meaning after I get what I suppose to get.. I kena gi shopping lagi satu jeans or perhaps a watch??. Barulah fair kan?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ekspedisi ke Gunung Angsi @ Ulu Bendul

This is a journey which I will remember forever in my whole life. The plan was initiated by my office mate where we suppose to climb the mountain and came back and have late lunch while having the durian fiesta at Mr. AO house. So the reward was so tempted until most of us forget the challenge we are going to face while climbing to the top. However, based on En. F experienced, he said we should be able to reach the top. It' just a matter of time. Without proper training, all of my body were forced to take up the real stretch and end up feeling the aching all over the body. But a quick preparation for the expedition :

Bit of Facts of Gunung Angsi

Climate : 20-28 'c/Rainforest
Elevation (meters) : 825
Difficulty : Walk up and relative easy
Starting Point : Hutan Lipur, Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan
Trek distant to summit : 5KM/~3-4 hours.

The real experience
Group : 40 pax
Difficulty : Struggle to walk up and very challenging
Trek distant to summit : 5KM/~5-6 hours.

Check Point No 1.. still very energetic
Reach Bukit Botak.. The real challenge started
These are the last 2 lazy log before we reach to the summit.
At last, me reach on top at 2.25 pm. But when we reach to the top, food has been ready for us to wallap.. everything there taste so yummy. But we are short of water. Water is so scarce..
Aksi-aksi memasak dan memakan maggi
This is sausages complete with hot dog bun, salad, mayo and chillie sauce..

This is pics of me cooking maggi. Best part is, bring all other ingredients like onion, chllies & egg but I forgot to bring the main thing which is the maggi itself. Luckily other friends got extra... Cooked 2 packet and share with the rest....Since I am among the last group to arrive to the top, we don't have much time to rest. So better make use every moment up there... These are among my poyo pose with my new Cubreza... ehsan dari Fazly.

Fazly the cameraman..
The last post from all at the top of the Gunung Angsi...
It's was just a great experience with the real challenge...
As planned, we konvoi (13 cars) to Mr. AO house for dinner and durian fiesta..
Dinner yang begitu menyelerakan.
Menu-menu yang terhidang :
Sambal Udang masak petai
Gulai Lemak Ayam Kampung
Ikan Goreng
Sambal belacan
Kuih Muih
Air Sejuk dan Panas
That's the end of our expedition.

Food and Dining in Bandung

When me travel, can't resist to try the local foods. Eventhough, a bit selective when comes to food (scared of stomach upset. non halal etc) , but during my visit to Bandung, I have no problem looking for good foods. Some of the places I'm going to share has been recomended by my parents who has been travelling to Bandung quite often. But me may have different views :-

1. The Valley
This restaurant has a nice hillview overlooking the town of Bandung. It has live band and I kind of like the ambience. When it come to food, I am a bit dissapointed coz it was over rated. From the menu, the description was so tempting. But when the food was served I hardly finish the food. I force myself to swallow the food just to please enche hubby and avoided being accused to waste food. But after a few bites, I made the confession that I couldn't go on any further. Luckily, he symphatised me... I ordered Mixed Grilled.. It's not as I expected to be..What I don't like about this dish is.. it's a mix of everything. Savoury dish, desert, wierd salad, spice all in.. If you notice, it's actually fast food. There's no real meat except for the grilled prwan... to me more is not necessarily better.
But enche hubby ordered something lite.. Prawn fritter with mayoinese and almond. This taste much better. I quite like it and me end up sharing with him. 

2. Kampung Daun Culture Gallery Cafe
A concept of Indonesian traditional village combined with the natural environment. Inspired by the wisdom and hospitality which are specialty of Sundanese people who always take a good care of their highly values of arts and cultures. The humality of Sundanese peole welcomes you to the place where you can relax and forget all the pressures. Surrounding by the amazing views in a cool highland and sound of the river around the saung. It can stimulates your peace spirit, all at once enjoying fresh air which free from polution.

Togetherness and family relationship becoming their main themes which are reflected by variant menus of western and sundanese traditional cuisine. Served by their skilled waiter/ss and cooked by the professional chef will gives us satisfaction of taste and explore the richness of culinairs. Many different attractives and great food are await to be enjoyed.

When we arived here, we we directed to one of the Saung. Saung is a small hut with low tables and cushion. It is very relaxing and privacy. The main attraction for this reataurant is the waterfall. The sound of the waterfalls just gives us true relaxation. So this is what I ordered . Can't remember the name of the dish... but  it one of the Sundanese specialty. Plain rice served with sate, spicy liver, chicken drumstick, rempeyek, salad, salted egg and sambal. Taste very nice.

Enche hubby ordered baked fish served with plain rice. A simple dish indeed but very tasty. Price are very reasonable for the 5 star hospitality. This place is definitely recomended to go.

3.  Black Canyon Coffee @ Paris Van Java
Just before we depart to airport ... we had our lunch.. it's just like any coffee house in Malaysia but I am surprised for the variety of menu served here. Enche hubby ordered Lamb Chop with rice. It's a combination of European lamb with traditional marinated herbs. The lamb is so tender and very well marinated.
For me, I ordered Rice Seafood Hot Basil. It's a Thai Cuisine and the portion is just right to keep you full for lunch. The spiciness of the dish makes it's very tasty. Price are very reasonable.

4. Thumb Thumb Ice Cream.
This is first time I saw mini ice cream with thumb size cone. You have to buy 5 cones and served on a separater.You can choose any flavour and it has been pre scooped for you. Something unique which you can't find here. Thumb up from me.

5. Buffet breakfast @ Hotel Ardjuna
The buffet spread enough to make you full till lunch. It's has the basic continental breakfast and as well as the local cuisine. The side dish like stuffed tofu, porridge, sweet potato were well prepared. I tried Soto Betawi. The soup used coconut milk but balance with the mixed of herbs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shopping Trip to Bandung Factory Outlets

Welcome to Ban-doeng. Paris Van Java.... This is unplanned trip to Bandung... In less than a week enche hubby said "you're going to Bandung", I said what??? "Yes, this is the place you always wanted to go right...?". Yeahh I still felt like I'm dreaming.. Actually, he's going to Jakarta for attending course, and instead of fly back straight to Malaysia, he said it's a good idea if we meet up in Bandung. What a long introduction...Just bear with me..

It is a 3 days 2 nights trip.. and the main visit is for shopping... that's what I like...So we stayed in The Ardjuna Boutique Hotel and Spa. Even though it's quite a distance from town , I quite like this hotel because of its location which is up hill and away from the cramp town area which gives you the true relaxation after long hours of shopping. Secondly, this hotel ambience is very much influence by Balinese concept. So let's walk through the pic's taken around the hotel before we go for shopping..
On the first day of arrival... I don't go for shopping at all b'coz it was rainy and the traffic was really jammed. When I arrived it was already dark. Right away check in to the hotel and headway back to town to fetch enche hubby at Pasteur.. enche hubby took this Cipaganti from Jakarta. Cipaganti is the most used transport to commute from Jakarta-Bandung. This is photo taken by enche hubby at the R&R.
Then we went to The Valley for dinner. I will share all about food and dining at Bandung in my next post. For now, will only talk about my shopping experience in Bandung.

The next day, I have one whole day for shopping. We started with Pasar Bharu to buy telekung and cotton material. We didn't spend much time there, but within the short time managed to to get few telekungs and cotton for baju kurung for me and family member. If you want to go to each shop, surely you'll need more than a day just at Pasar Bharu...
Then, this is my favourite time. We are going to Factory Outlet... time to shop for the kids and mommy.. We started with FO in Jalan Riau (Secret, STAMP, FORMEN, Heritage, VARC, OASIS etc.) . I have surveyed through the internet and list the targetted FO to attack. These are some of the FO me visited.
Pheww... that was it... one FO after another.. Bought many many things for the kids. Things I was looking for is all here.. managed to get few labels at a very reasonable price. The last FO we went is Rumah Mode. Actually we went there twice. Through some of the blogger's advice, we should go to other outlets first before Rumah Mode. May be it's true... more choice here, latest fashion and got  a lot of great labels sold here.. For the kids, mostly I bought Guess and ZARA. I also bought DKNY,Gap, Cherokee, Gymboree etc. Definitely Rumah Mode will be my top list for my next visit..

One thing good about this FO is they are mostly a converted banglo house with ample rest are, proper toilets, snack shops under one roof. Not that they are nicely decorated but this is very convinient for people like me who have very limited time to shop.
Bandung also preserve its Dutch heritage.. These old buildings is a true historical place. 
Apart from FO, Bandung has many Shopping Complex. I just got time to visit one which is Paris Van Java. The shops are just like what we have in KL... But because the weather is just at great temperature... You'll can easily get carried away with your purchase.
So my end notes for this post...
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