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Monday, July 26, 2010

Food and Dining in Bandung

When me travel, can't resist to try the local foods. Eventhough, a bit selective when comes to food (scared of stomach upset. non halal etc) , but during my visit to Bandung, I have no problem looking for good foods. Some of the places I'm going to share has been recomended by my parents who has been travelling to Bandung quite often. But me may have different views :-

1. The Valley
This restaurant has a nice hillview overlooking the town of Bandung. It has live band and I kind of like the ambience. When it come to food, I am a bit dissapointed coz it was over rated. From the menu, the description was so tempting. But when the food was served I hardly finish the food. I force myself to swallow the food just to please enche hubby and avoided being accused to waste food. But after a few bites, I made the confession that I couldn't go on any further. Luckily, he symphatised me... I ordered Mixed Grilled.. It's not as I expected to be..What I don't like about this dish is.. it's a mix of everything. Savoury dish, desert, wierd salad, spice all in.. If you notice, it's actually fast food. There's no real meat except for the grilled prwan... to me more is not necessarily better.
But enche hubby ordered something lite.. Prawn fritter with mayoinese and almond. This taste much better. I quite like it and me end up sharing with him. 

2. Kampung Daun Culture Gallery Cafe
A concept of Indonesian traditional village combined with the natural environment. Inspired by the wisdom and hospitality which are specialty of Sundanese people who always take a good care of their highly values of arts and cultures. The humality of Sundanese peole welcomes you to the place where you can relax and forget all the pressures. Surrounding by the amazing views in a cool highland and sound of the river around the saung. It can stimulates your peace spirit, all at once enjoying fresh air which free from polution.

Togetherness and family relationship becoming their main themes which are reflected by variant menus of western and sundanese traditional cuisine. Served by their skilled waiter/ss and cooked by the professional chef will gives us satisfaction of taste and explore the richness of culinairs. Many different attractives and great food are await to be enjoyed.

When we arived here, we we directed to one of the Saung. Saung is a small hut with low tables and cushion. It is very relaxing and privacy. The main attraction for this reataurant is the waterfall. The sound of the waterfalls just gives us true relaxation. So this is what I ordered . Can't remember the name of the dish... but  it one of the Sundanese specialty. Plain rice served with sate, spicy liver, chicken drumstick, rempeyek, salad, salted egg and sambal. Taste very nice.

Enche hubby ordered baked fish served with plain rice. A simple dish indeed but very tasty. Price are very reasonable for the 5 star hospitality. This place is definitely recomended to go.

3.  Black Canyon Coffee @ Paris Van Java
Just before we depart to airport ... we had our lunch.. it's just like any coffee house in Malaysia but I am surprised for the variety of menu served here. Enche hubby ordered Lamb Chop with rice. It's a combination of European lamb with traditional marinated herbs. The lamb is so tender and very well marinated.
For me, I ordered Rice Seafood Hot Basil. It's a Thai Cuisine and the portion is just right to keep you full for lunch. The spiciness of the dish makes it's very tasty. Price are very reasonable.

4. Thumb Thumb Ice Cream.
This is first time I saw mini ice cream with thumb size cone. You have to buy 5 cones and served on a separater.You can choose any flavour and it has been pre scooped for you. Something unique which you can't find here. Thumb up from me.

5. Buffet breakfast @ Hotel Ardjuna
The buffet spread enough to make you full till lunch. It's has the basic continental breakfast and as well as the local cuisine. The side dish like stuffed tofu, porridge, sweet potato were well prepared. I tried Soto Betawi. The soup used coconut milk but balance with the mixed of herbs.

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