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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre Bonus Shopping

Well , last weekend I have put forward a proposal to enche hubby... Can I go for hari raya shopping now instead of next week coz the sale is ending soon?. So he kind of agreed with me.. Since I was expecting something positive to come in this week.. and I thought it is a good idea I bought it now during sale. Actually my decision was quite right. We went to Guess Boutique Bukit Tinggi Klang..  I like to come here b'coz there still a lot of choices compared to other Guess outlet. What I like most .. last weekend, since they are boosting up their sales, they give further discounts on selected items. My intention is just to buy jeans but end up buying this handbag..
Original Price - RM469
After Less 50% + Additional 15% = RM199.30
Then I bought this jeans.. Stretch and Extensible, Straight cut
Nice denim wash.. Flowered material in the inner waist...
Embroidered pocket with studded's just awesome
Original Price - RM499
After less : 15% + Additional 15% = RM360.50
But guess what?? I thought I'm the one who suppose to shop.. but enche hubby pun tumpang sekaki gak... He bought a pair of jeans and a watch... He said to the promoter.. I yang belanja....ini sudah meaning after I get what I suppose to get.. I kena gi shopping lagi satu jeans or perhaps a watch??. Barulah fair kan?

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