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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Konvoi EOCM (Exora Owner Club Malaysia) to Sg Besar

Last weekend a group of Exora Owners berkonvoi ke Sungai Besar. Kebetulan we all balik ke kampung halaman enche hubby, so berkesempatan singgah jumpa they all. Their first stop would be D Muara Resort, Sg Haji Dorani . This is where they had their lunch... We did not join the konvoi.. just pergi menyibuk je... If you own an Exora and want to know more about this club you may want to visit the website EOCM . Lot's of interesting info, their experience, activities etc shared here.
This is Dzafrel ... looking over the fisherman boat in and out of the muara... This place has been tremendously transformed now... I was here 12 years ago and the scene was totally different.. but this is where we normally buy the fish ... cheap and fresh..
This is all the catch for the day.. they are sorting them out. The freshness is guaranteed and the price is much lower than you pay in town fish market.
When we reached home, it was windy and breezy... the wind during this hour (1.00 pm to 4.00 pm) will make you just want to have a nap... You'll be surprised that you may need a blanket during this hot sunny day when you take a nap.  Everyday except rainy days you can feel the wind... the wind blows just enough for you to take the kites up high to the blue sky... even Daini has no problem playing with the kites.... This is very special moment.... and I have not experience elsewhere... I am not sure how far it is true.. but when there is no wind.. enche hubby will make a whistling sound to call for the wind.. and in most cases it's workable ....

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