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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ekspedisi ke Gunung Angsi @ Ulu Bendul

This is a journey which I will remember forever in my whole life. The plan was initiated by my office mate where we suppose to climb the mountain and came back and have late lunch while having the durian fiesta at Mr. AO house. So the reward was so tempted until most of us forget the challenge we are going to face while climbing to the top. However, based on En. F experienced, he said we should be able to reach the top. It' just a matter of time. Without proper training, all of my body were forced to take up the real stretch and end up feeling the aching all over the body. But a quick preparation for the expedition :

Bit of Facts of Gunung Angsi

Climate : 20-28 'c/Rainforest
Elevation (meters) : 825
Difficulty : Walk up and relative easy
Starting Point : Hutan Lipur, Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan
Trek distant to summit : 5KM/~3-4 hours.

The real experience
Group : 40 pax
Difficulty : Struggle to walk up and very challenging
Trek distant to summit : 5KM/~5-6 hours.

Check Point No 1.. still very energetic
Reach Bukit Botak.. The real challenge started
These are the last 2 lazy log before we reach to the summit.
At last, me reach on top at 2.25 pm. But when we reach to the top, food has been ready for us to wallap.. everything there taste so yummy. But we are short of water. Water is so scarce..
Aksi-aksi memasak dan memakan maggi
This is sausages complete with hot dog bun, salad, mayo and chillie sauce..

This is pics of me cooking maggi. Best part is, bring all other ingredients like onion, chllies & egg but I forgot to bring the main thing which is the maggi itself. Luckily other friends got extra... Cooked 2 packet and share with the rest....Since I am among the last group to arrive to the top, we don't have much time to rest. So better make use every moment up there... These are among my poyo pose with my new Cubreza... ehsan dari Fazly.

Fazly the cameraman..
The last post from all at the top of the Gunung Angsi...
It's was just a great experience with the real challenge...
As planned, we konvoi (13 cars) to Mr. AO house for dinner and durian fiesta..
Dinner yang begitu menyelerakan.
Menu-menu yang terhidang :
Sambal Udang masak petai
Gulai Lemak Ayam Kampung
Ikan Goreng
Sambal belacan
Kuih Muih
Air Sejuk dan Panas
That's the end of our expedition.


  1. wow adventure betul aktiviti macam ni kan.. kalau i sure pancit heheheh

  2. Betul lady... but this is a training platform for us to go to Mount Kinabalu plak???

  3. woww..bestt...jom r follow blog sy jugak..huhuh


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