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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shopping Trip to Bandung Factory Outlets

Welcome to Ban-doeng. Paris Van Java.... This is unplanned trip to Bandung... In less than a week enche hubby said "you're going to Bandung", I said what??? "Yes, this is the place you always wanted to go right...?". Yeahh I still felt like I'm dreaming.. Actually, he's going to Jakarta for attending course, and instead of fly back straight to Malaysia, he said it's a good idea if we meet up in Bandung. What a long introduction...Just bear with me..

It is a 3 days 2 nights trip.. and the main visit is for shopping... that's what I like...So we stayed in The Ardjuna Boutique Hotel and Spa. Even though it's quite a distance from town , I quite like this hotel because of its location which is up hill and away from the cramp town area which gives you the true relaxation after long hours of shopping. Secondly, this hotel ambience is very much influence by Balinese concept. So let's walk through the pic's taken around the hotel before we go for shopping..
On the first day of arrival... I don't go for shopping at all b'coz it was rainy and the traffic was really jammed. When I arrived it was already dark. Right away check in to the hotel and headway back to town to fetch enche hubby at Pasteur.. enche hubby took this Cipaganti from Jakarta. Cipaganti is the most used transport to commute from Jakarta-Bandung. This is photo taken by enche hubby at the R&R.
Then we went to The Valley for dinner. I will share all about food and dining at Bandung in my next post. For now, will only talk about my shopping experience in Bandung.

The next day, I have one whole day for shopping. We started with Pasar Bharu to buy telekung and cotton material. We didn't spend much time there, but within the short time managed to to get few telekungs and cotton for baju kurung for me and family member. If you want to go to each shop, surely you'll need more than a day just at Pasar Bharu...
Then, this is my favourite time. We are going to Factory Outlet... time to shop for the kids and mommy.. We started with FO in Jalan Riau (Secret, STAMP, FORMEN, Heritage, VARC, OASIS etc.) . I have surveyed through the internet and list the targetted FO to attack. These are some of the FO me visited.
Pheww... that was it... one FO after another.. Bought many many things for the kids. Things I was looking for is all here.. managed to get few labels at a very reasonable price. The last FO we went is Rumah Mode. Actually we went there twice. Through some of the blogger's advice, we should go to other outlets first before Rumah Mode. May be it's true... more choice here, latest fashion and got  a lot of great labels sold here.. For the kids, mostly I bought Guess and ZARA. I also bought DKNY,Gap, Cherokee, Gymboree etc. Definitely Rumah Mode will be my top list for my next visit..

One thing good about this FO is they are mostly a converted banglo house with ample rest are, proper toilets, snack shops under one roof. Not that they are nicely decorated but this is very convinient for people like me who have very limited time to shop.
Bandung also preserve its Dutch heritage.. These old buildings is a true historical place. 
Apart from FO, Bandung has many Shopping Complex. I just got time to visit one which is Paris Van Java. The shops are just like what we have in KL... But because the weather is just at great temperature... You'll can easily get carried away with your purchase.
So my end notes for this post...

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