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Monday, July 5, 2010

First Zara for My Girlz

This is my first time shopping at ZARA . It's having Sale.... I got only 1 hour time for shopping, so many things to see but then I only manage to buy something for the Kids.. didn't buy anything for me... coz I will need more time for fitting... frankly speaking I own nothing from ZARA label. But I just couldn't resist buying these tees for my girlz because :

  • They have Cool Printed Wordings

  • Made of super soft fabric

  • Feminine look

  • Nice colour

  • Comfy to wear ; and

  • Their unique design
So , I bought 2 cute tees for Isha. One is in shocking pink colour which says "I want to tell something" and the other one is the blue coloured tee with white dots, puff sleeve and worded "Beautiful thing". It is just so her...
As for Daini and Darin, bought these soft pink tee with denim heart with silver stud patched in the centre..
These tees are from the Casual range.. but I planned to get them wear for Hari Raya...sikit-sikit dah kena shopping... kalau semua nak tunggu last minute...parah

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