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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Fiesta 2010

Me play futsal? Never thought of it... but last week our Sports Club organised 1 PROTON World Cup Fiesta 2010.. one of the category opened was Futsal for the ladies.... no training, no skills .. never kick the ball.. but I'm in the Team. My team was Brasil. Event ni pun tercetus sempena demam Piala Dunia tengah hangat. Join ni pun just for fun. We have 6 teams all together. England, Brazil Home, Brazil Away, Italy, France and Germany. We all kena main 5 game. and top 2 will go to Final. My team memang tak pergi top 2 ... but rasa best la pulak main futsal ni.. The first game I feel like fainted ... but I felt much better after the second game... mood sudah mari ma....
This is my team.. Brasil ... If you notice kitorang terpaksa import wife and anak staff yang chomel-chomel untuk back up team we all.
Standing from left (Aina, Ainil, Nurul and Bi @ Fauziha)
Sitting from left (Amira, Niz, Azreen and me)
Serious training in progress.
Pose tetap pose...
2 teams from Finance (Brasil and England)
Trophies to be won... sincerely memang tak rasa kecewa pun.. sebab yang penting kitorang dapat jersey Brasil FOC and most important... it was FUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! and really proud of myself...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breakfast @ KLUANG RailCoffee

It's like a dream come true. To have breakfast at Kluang Station. Heard a lot about it.. Few times went to 1 Utama or Tesco Shah Alam for it's famous iced coffee and Kaya bun.  No doubt the taste is the same but the ambience is different. And they don't have the 70 cents Nasi Lemak or Bihun wrapped in Banana Leaf.. On our way to Mersing, we purposely planned to start our journey at 5.00 am so that we'll reached  Kluang at about 8.30am and had our breakfast there. As expected, the the place is very busy and crouded. I felt guilty when I have to stand beside the table where people are still finishing their food. But that's the only way you can get a seat. Otherwise, you gonna stand there forever. Back here in Kluang, they still use charcoal to bake the bun.. very aromatic..served with the homemade melted margarine and kaya..
The unforgettable Nasi Lemak bungkus. Simple but taste nice.. as the way I like it.. less is more..
The busy kitchen.. uncle preparing drinks of the day..
The rest of the session is to capture moment at Railway itself..
Antique bell rang by the Rail master ... 
Kluang is located between small town called Chamek and Mengkibol.. Have you heard of it?? Me never..

Family Retreat at Tg Leman, Johor

For the first time ever, me and family with the rest of enche hubby's family get together for a holiday. Normally, the family gathering took place in enche hubby's hometown during hari raya or wedding ceremony. But this time my SIL has arranged for a trip to Tg Leman, Kota Tinggi Johor. I have never been there... it's actually located between Kota Tinggi and Mersing. The nearest small town would be Tanjung Sedili. All along the way, you will see the oil palm plantation.
This is the place where we all stayed.
There are all together 25 of us... 5 families plus my youngest SIL and my PIL. Of course mine is the largest no of headcounts. Alhamdulillah we were blessed with 5 kids. 5 out of 12 grandchildren of my PIL belong to us...
The scenary of the open sea was superb and the beach is very "landai" so it is safe for the kids to enjoy the beach...
The kids just have no patient to at least dip their feet into the water..
Actually, they were looking for a water snake on that tree. I don't even dare to see..
Splashing into the water.. We were fortunate coz a family of enche hubby's aunt (Busu) joined us here.. so the more the merrier.
Since now is the world cup fever, my SIL sure don't want to miss this. In fact she's good.. Bakat terpendam.
Your holiday is not complete without barbeque.. This is me grilling the marinated sausages and otak-otak. In fact we have more to grill at night. Chicken and the very next day we have fish on the grill. The best thing about this resort is that we have ample space behind the chalet and all the cooking and grilling were done there.
Me and enche hubby got more thrilled coz we did sleep in the tent for 2 nights. I just love to go back to basic and nature. Away from work, traffic jam and hectic daily routine..
This little boy does not like sea at all.. But his very keen of swimming pool.. took a pose of him standing by the sea...
Darin and Shahira looking for sea shells on a sea shore 
Cluster of cousins having their lunch
My lil girl.. Isha
On the way back to KL, we stopped by Kolej Matrikulasi, Johor @ Tangkak to send Ilah (my SIL). She got an offer to further her studies there... so another round of family photo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My latest and future DOTS collection

Hmm.. bought this red dots slipper for RM5. Very comfy....maybe should buy in other colours...thay have in green, pink, turqoise, striking yellow and deep purple..
Am going to buy this multiple sizes bowl with multiple sizes dots come in black and white collection from IKEA. They have in stripes too...just love it..
They even have it displayed in the dining with dots feature wall..
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