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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dzafrel's 6th Hair Cut at Kluang

Dzafrel is very phobia when it come to hair cut.. Moment he saw the hairdresser chair he will start screaming and many hairdresser surrender to cut his hair except for the Otai one. I once brought him  to the Curve where they have the car to attract a child for hair cut.. But it does not seems to work on him. On Jun 12, we were on our way to Tg Leman, Kota Tinggi Johor and saw this old barber shop right before Kluang Station. While waiting for the rest of family member to arrive, I thought it will be a good idea to cut Dzafrel's hair. Nice and clean shop, owned by a Chinese Uncle, it was about 9.00 am and the shop was just open. We were his first customer.
So this is the lucky hairdresser...
And is fully equipped..
Moment the scissor touch his hair, then start the crying and screaming session.. becoz mom wanted to capture the moment, so Kak Mar have to hold him.. and there goes the cutting session.... he is so tense and it has to be done while standing... Sometime we gave him sweet.. but worried that he might choke becoz of non stop crying...
But this time, with Mr. Lai gentle approach, he started to calm down a bit and the proper hair cut can be done.. normally , his hair cut sometime can be a disaster.. tobek-tobek, too short or senget...
So the result is ... hmm not bad.. Siap boleh sikat lagi..
Something special about this shop is it has lots of antique items and one of it is this transistor.. or nowadays we called it radio.
Well done Mr. Lai.

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