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Friday, June 4, 2010

Pizzeria at Sarpino's

This few weeks will be a Birthday Fiesta for our family, yesterday is a small celebration for Darin. She chose to have dinner in Dome. But bringing my 2 little kiddy (Isha and Dzafrel) to Dome may not be a good idea. We need something more relax and family type restaurant. So , I suggested we go to one of Italian Pizza Restaurant in USJ Sentral. I don't even know the exact name and location. Heard of this restaurant from a pamphlet they send to office. But the place is easy to locate.. and ample of parking. Not crowded and variety of simple Italian food to choose.
The celebrated Birthday girl.. Darin
This is first time for us and.. it took me about 20 minutes browsing through the menu and everything looks tempting and delicious. Very difficult to make a worth choice.. The price is reasonable.
Ended up with Super Value Meal comprise of :
2 Regular Pizza (Choose Double Pepperoni and Classico Italiano)
1 Pasta of Your Choice (Chose Baked Lasagna)
1 Bread Stick with dip (10 pcs)
2 Cans of Ice Lemon Tea.

Add on :
1 baked spaghetti (with meat and tomato sauce)
1 Oven baked Seafood Portofino (Baby shrimps, im crab, blended in a tomato and sweet basil sauce served with Fettuccine)

I liked when the pasta is baked. It enhanced my appetite especially the melted brownish cheese.
The birthday girl.. who snapped the photo of us...
Memang best dinner semalam, everybody enjoy and happy. Coming soon is Danisha birthday on 8th June 2010.

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