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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Window Shopping @ Mid Valley

It's been more than 6 month I've not been in MidValley Shopping Mall. Just happen me and enche hubby decided to walk around just the two of us there. So bila dah lama tak pergi, macam-macam benda la nak tengok... first I saw this Lumix G-F1 camera. This is it man.. this camera is just wonders. It's function is equitable to DSLR and it uses the micro system so the size is very handy. The price is nothing less than RM2,800. Almost the same as DSLR camera. The click sound when you snap photo just couldn't make me sleep. It's so crisp.. Macam crackers la pulak.. Well apapun, I'll do more study on this, and if it's really worth it, this is going to be mine soon... to enche hubby...hmm hmm 50-50 okay ka? Hint??
Then I saw my all time favourite perfume.. Issey Miyake.. They came out with their latest edition of summer fragrance in purplish stripe bottle. Still has their trademark scent .. in fact when I smell it.. it's very much the same...
With any purchase of the fragrance , you can design one kite of your own and the most beatiful and creative kite will be chosen as a winner... hu hu ... I really loves to see the kites
But one thing we're not going to miss here, is the famous Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing. It is really a thirst quench. Sangat-sangat sedap... have to queue ma....
RM2 for a glass. You can buy the hot or the cold one.. Selalu I beli suam...ais sikit so dapat air dia banyak... he he
You can also buy the dried longan.. dulu-dulu masa tengah breastfeed selalu beli dried longan ni and rebus dengan red dates... petua untuk banyakkan susu.
So, this is not the end of my day in Mid Valley... but for the remaining I think I akan cerita in the next post...

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