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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dinner at Rak Thai

Thai food has always been my fav food as well as enche hubby. My daily cooking are very much influenced by Thai cooking culture where the use of fresh galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leave, lime juice, coriander roots and leaves (cilantro), shallots, fish sauce, nam pla are among essential ingredients to add the flavour and aroma to the dish. No doubt that you can easily get the Thai Food at any stall around here but they have done it a Malaysian way. I prefer something more authentic. enche hubby loves it coz of the spiciness and simplicity of the dish.

It happened, me and enche hubby passed by this restaurant that serve halal thai food called rak thai located at Mid Valley. The cook is originated from Thai and the price is reasonable.
I wanted to order Tom Kha Goong (Tom Yum seafood added with coconut milk) where it is served in young coconut but not my luck coz the coconut is not available. So I am a bit dissapointed to have the Tom Kha served in a just a bowl. So I can't scooped out the young coconut flesh while sipping the spicy and sour soup. But then, I must confessed that even without the coconut, the taste of the Tom Kha is still awesome. I don't need other dish to go with my plain rice. Less is more.

enche hubby ordered the pineapple fried rice.. hmm .. very nice indeed and fully garnished with seafood (prawn and calamari).. His normal comment is.. "Nanti you boleh try masak cam ni... senang je... simple tapi sedap".. Actually he prefer me to cook at home.. but lately ni I'm a bit lazy to cook.
The pineapple fried rice
Tom Kha Goong
As for drink, we chose fresh mango juice and ice blended served with mango.
Overall, this place is recommended by me... will come again InsyaAllah


  1. thanks for sharing.. i always go for thai food kalau tak tahu nak makan apa.. sedap kan, thai food ni boleh makan tanpa jemu... nasi goreng dalam pineapple tu nampak sedapnyaaaa...

  2. Pineapple fried rice tu memang sedap lady... Just to share with lady yang hari ni i happy sangat coz my friend bawakkan mangga harum manis dari Perlis.. Gara-gara post lady lah ni..


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