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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Fiesta 2010

Me play futsal? Never thought of it... but last week our Sports Club organised 1 PROTON World Cup Fiesta 2010.. one of the category opened was Futsal for the ladies.... no training, no skills .. never kick the ball.. but I'm in the Team. My team was Brasil. Event ni pun tercetus sempena demam Piala Dunia tengah hangat. Join ni pun just for fun. We have 6 teams all together. England, Brazil Home, Brazil Away, Italy, France and Germany. We all kena main 5 game. and top 2 will go to Final. My team memang tak pergi top 2 ... but rasa best la pulak main futsal ni.. The first game I feel like fainted ... but I felt much better after the second game... mood sudah mari ma....
This is my team.. Brasil ... If you notice kitorang terpaksa import wife and anak staff yang chomel-chomel untuk back up team we all.
Standing from left (Aina, Ainil, Nurul and Bi @ Fauziha)
Sitting from left (Amira, Niz, Azreen and me)
Serious training in progress.
Pose tetap pose...
2 teams from Finance (Brasil and England)
Trophies to be won... sincerely memang tak rasa kecewa pun.. sebab yang penting kitorang dapat jersey Brasil FOC and most important... it was FUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! and really proud of myself...

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