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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baskin Robbins 31

My birthday falls on 31st May.. so it's awaiting day for the kids coz I got to buy them BR Ice cream with 31% off. The thing is their ice cream cake doesn't included in this offer. So my b'day was celebrated without cakes but with pint and quart of ice-cream. On this day you got to get the number and queue before you can choose your fav flavour. It doesn't matter coz I need to bribe the kids with ice cream so I can sneak out peacefully for dinner with Enche Hubby.

Suddenly, people from no where rushing in to buy their ice cream. This place is normally very quiet one...
Tempted to by the Half Gallon, but kids prefer to have their own pint so that they can choose their own flavour
Managed to buy very berry strawberry and Royal Chocolate Ribbon + Peanut butter.
Thought it can last for 3 days... nop the last scooped was finished by Isha at 8.15pm on the next day from we bought the ice cream.

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