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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 PROTON Mystery Drive...Sg Petani

Hmm.. where shall I begin.. the excitement in me for this event is still at the max level. Too many things to be shared and comment.

This Mystery drive is the awaiting event for people like me and frenz who likes adventure, word play, brain twist , solving clues, and travelling. The concept is very typical to Treasure Hunt organised by others except that this is limited to PROTON staff. The excitement when you hunt is the ability for you to crack the clues. There will be questions on non cryptic, cryptic, sounds like, anagram, inside-out, container, reverse, initial and double jeopardy. To get high score, you really need to strictly manage your time and the full cooperation from each team member is the secret to success. Some hint from the C.O.C is that you must think lateral instead of literal in order to catch the trick.

Okay, let's now comment about this hunt. For myself, I personally joint this hunt b'coz of self satisfaction. I want to improve my ability to solve question and my ranking in this hunt. According to COC for this hunt, the questions ranged from Stage 1 to 3 in terms of difficulty and complexity. So it could be challenging for the first timer and normal struggle for the regular. I remember when I first joint the hunt to Melaka.. I wasn't in the rank at all. But that doesn't stopped me from trying and learning.  Our destination for this hunt is Sungai Petani, Kedah and duration took us about 11hrs. 3 in a team and for this hunt, me, Fazly and K Gie in one team named "Jona Jidin" collaborating with the other 4 teams from my department. We were flagged off at about 7.54 am and reached the final destination sharp at 5.15pm. 

Together we stand, divided we fall..
Tips : Jotting down the important notes before flagged off for any last minutes arrangements from the organiser.
These were the happy and excited faces before the game started.. These faces will turn grinned from giggled in the mid of the battle.. you need to stay focus and calm to be able to overcome the tense and reach the finishing point with less careless mistakes.
Fazly with his new coloured brown eyes during  lunch break at Mc D, Ipoh...
We're not the end yet.. tapi siap boleh relax makan Chocolate Sundae lagi...
Nizam, Hashim and Amil...
Ni memang keje gila.. hunt divided into 2 parts. The first set of questions plus one treasure must be submitted in SRJK (T) in Ipoh.. short break in Ipoh for lunch and continue journey to Taiping to pick up the second part questions in Taiping... 15 more questions to go plus 5 treasures... so exhausted but game has to be continued.. Struggle to Sg Petani and finalised our answers before we reach to the finishing point in Park Avenue Hotel, Sg Petani.

Manage to bring all treasures which include pencil,eraser,ruler, 5kg rice, Teh uncang Lipton, Biskut Cap Ping Pong, Ikan Mackerel Cap Ayam & Lychees. These treasures were meant for charity and will be handed over to orphanage house.
Something special about this Mystery Drive is the package is inclusive of 1 night stay in the hotel and there will be official prize giving ceremony after the dinner was served. No doubt the dinner is hmmm yummylicious.... or we were very hungry that make the quantity primary and the taste is secondary.
Dok pakat nak pakai baju pink for dinner. Excused me for not ironing my blouse.
In between we were entertained by Aris Ariwatan singing 5 songs. Surprise!!!! Nizam performing duet with Aris singing one of Ning Baizura's hit.

Now came the suspense part.  Started off with presentation of answers from Hunt Master, En Zahrol from Fun hunt people. When the answers were revealed.. I started to feel the heat already.... If I count correctly, we slipped 4 question... 40 prize to be won... the winner were announced one by one and when it came to the last 10 nos... my heart start beating fast already.. coz mine not called yet.. so the hope is high now... when come to the last four... stay confident and yes.. we're in the top 3.. so proud of us....worth the hard work and congratulation to all team member.... we aim to be first prize winner ..try harder next time.. 2 years to wait...
This is unexpected, all the top 3 winners have to sing with the performer, Mr Aris after the prize giving ceremony. What?? me no I'm not good in this at all ..can consider tone deaf...luckily my other team members covered up for us.
Me,En Zahrol (the Hunt Master) and Aniza. Supposed Aniza should be in my team, but she is one of the club committee, so cannot join ma.. Nice knowing you,En Zahrol.
Hmm... felt so good and happy.. our prize is RM1,000 cash and a complimentary t-shirts...

Winning is one thing, most importantly is the lesson learnt from what we experienced so that we can do better in the future...Will update on our sight seeing in Penang on the very next day...

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