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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Silicone Kitchenwares

Remember, last 2 weeks , me and enche hubby went to Mid Valley.. while browsing around the shops from The Gardens to Centre Court , Mid Valley, I was caught at the colourful booth which sells kitchen accessories. Rather called accessories than ware coz they are so cute... suddenly, I remember I need to replace my can opener which I bought in IKEA few years ago... I feel like crying when ever using that can opener...  
They do have many other things which I feel like buying but enche hubby just standing there staring at me do the payment.. In other words, he wants to make sure I only bought the one that he has agreed me to buy.. He knew I am so tempted to get other things.. Of course he did this once in a while... There are ranges of colourful items.. baking wares, pizza cutter, mould, roller pin, apple cutter, peeler, hot mat, spatula and etc...
So finally, I bought the shocking pink can opener.. Felt so happy

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