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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Birthday Dinner

31st May .... it's my birthday.... well I'm officially 35.. hu hu..face the that night hubby asked me out for dinner. It's weekdays so did not plan going too far from Shah Alam.. no specific restaurant and it's entirely up to me to decide ... I'm blank.. so hubby suggested we go to Sunway Pyramid and may be I could have better idea where to dine... in my mind, thought of going Thai Thai, Bubba Gumps, Ittalianies or maybe TGIF. All of the above is first time for me. Suddenly pass through Ole-Ole Bali and yupps we are going to have our dinner here. Since I adore Bali so much and the relaxing ambience make me feel dizzy instead of hungry.
Me order Calamansi plus something for drink and hubby ordered barley lime. His drink is much simpler yet taste nicer than mine which looks so complicated which comes with lemongrass, mint, and calamansi. Hubby did not like the mint flavour .. reminded him of toothpaste.. yeakks
For food, we thought of having a combination of western and balinese cuisine. So we ordered their speciality platter of sate lilit, fried cumi and chicken wing and chicken and lamb combo set. The sate lilit looks tempting but the taste is just so so...
Both faces looks tired and actually we were so full. Can't finish our food. Lately both of us tend to skipped dinner and we're used to it.. or may be because of the sitting arrangement? Makes your stomach full much faster than normal table sitting?
No matter what, I still feel special for the night. Thanks to hubby for the nice food...

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