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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breakfast @ KLUANG RailCoffee

It's like a dream come true. To have breakfast at Kluang Station. Heard a lot about it.. Few times went to 1 Utama or Tesco Shah Alam for it's famous iced coffee and Kaya bun.  No doubt the taste is the same but the ambience is different. And they don't have the 70 cents Nasi Lemak or Bihun wrapped in Banana Leaf.. On our way to Mersing, we purposely planned to start our journey at 5.00 am so that we'll reached  Kluang at about 8.30am and had our breakfast there. As expected, the the place is very busy and crouded. I felt guilty when I have to stand beside the table where people are still finishing their food. But that's the only way you can get a seat. Otherwise, you gonna stand there forever. Back here in Kluang, they still use charcoal to bake the bun.. very aromatic..served with the homemade melted margarine and kaya..
The unforgettable Nasi Lemak bungkus. Simple but taste nice.. as the way I like it.. less is more..
The busy kitchen.. uncle preparing drinks of the day..
The rest of the session is to capture moment at Railway itself..
Antique bell rang by the Rail master ... 
Kluang is located between small town called Chamek and Mengkibol.. Have you heard of it?? Me never..

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