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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lunch at Syue'z House

This is just one of many lunches which me and my besties had together with or without ocassion just to chat , exchange views and catch up on what's happening around us. This time round, we're being invited by Syue to have lunch at her new home in Shah Alam. Though time are so tight, I manage to snap few shot before we all go and wallaps what's being serve to us. The makan-makan time took us about half an hour inclusive of main course and desserts. We even tapau the kek batik and cocktail coz it taste so yummy...Free lunch ..mesti la sedap

Nasi hujan panas served with Daging masak kurma, Ayam masak merah, Acar timun and Udang Goreng with Curry Leaf

Me and K Gie..

Niz with her new tudung colllection from Ariani and K Gie

Yummy kek batik..

Linda did not joining us today because she is now in Bangkok for business trip. Anyway..if time permit, may upload some of our lunch photos where we are having great time together. To me, sincere friends are hard to find..but once you've found matter where you often you will always be connected..

Thanks to Syue and family for the great lunch..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breakaway to Semporna

We have made early bookings for our trip to Sabah. We took flight to Tawau, then ahead to Semporna before we depart to Mabul and Kapalai Island. The package was a day trip tour inclusive of boat transfer, food and snorkeling gear.

Just to share some great snapshots of our trip

Jetty to Island

Starfish is everywhere

Mabul Island beach

Water Village at Mabul Island

This is view from Kapalai Resorts...Water is crystal clear

Not just the view is superb but things are damn cheap and fresh here. How I wish I can buy the fresh food and cook right away.. Anyway we bought some fish and seafood back to Shah Alam..

This is just another species of fish I have never seen in my life..

Many of the fish I've never heard of it....They even sell fish I normally saw in aquaria...ha ha

All in all the trip was really great. Me and hubby planned to revisit Semporna because we missed Sipadan this time round. Special permit is needed to go to Sipadan Island. Anyway..this whole place is going to be my favourite breakaway destination.

My First Thought Ever

I normally be a passive reader to many blogs which I found to be interesting, informative and make my self giggle unintentionally. So I thought it would be interesting if I can have my own blog just to share something with others. I am still working on the layouts and figuring what to upload, themes for my blog, things to sell and hopefully when I am ready I will make my blogs avail for others to view. So for those of you who happen to visit my blog..Welcome aboard.
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