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Friday, October 29, 2010

E5SCAPE from my E5

This photo was taken on 24.8.2010 using my newly bought E5 camera.... now I'm, letting this pearl to someone else.... sob sob... I just used this phone for 2 months 6 days.... and just like how I got this from the shop , I want the new owner to feel the same.... everything in tact with complete accessories... still in box.... I hope this is a good buy for you....
Can you see the difference?? Let me tell you... the difference is I'm snapping these photo with my new but not new phone... why new but not new???.... because I'm buying from someone else too but this new phone is hardly used... back to the image quality.... looks better isn't it... at least this phone can be my realible snapper till my Olympus camera can be use.... some more it has bigger memory space...and a...
Carl Zeiss Tessar lense with 2.8/5.4 AF 5MP
Good bye babe.....

What happen???

hmm.. what happen to your hand??? 
Not that long ago Isha used black magic pen to make the bloody effect to her tiny fingers... trying to scare everybody with her hands and I told her this wasn't funny and not a good idea...
hmm that's not bad.. not bad at all ... till I saw this....
he ta dah me with his red palm trying to scare me again...
This time not using the magic pen but he used my food colouring to gives the real effect.....who's behind this scene??? I think I got the answer already....

Chic Choc in Dots

Special gift from a colleauge .... Like the brown dot ribbon...
Thank You

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dangling Brooch

Hmm... I have problem capturing these images of my dangling brooch... this brooch shines and can't stay still. I have to snap it in a very close shot... then this handphone camera of mine is not so sophisticated to zoom to this tiny dangling object... and as a result...
Very blurry kind of image.... My point is, this brooch looks much more nicer if you look them in real. I have wearing this a month ago... now I feel weird if I am not wearing any... At first I bought this from one of the cart selling accessories at nearby Giant... then this selller have so many customer and didn't have enough time to stock up new collection. Then, I showed this brooch to a friend of mine... moment she saw it.. she said she can try doing it.... Now I just ordered from her... and I can't even differentiate between the two... hmm very happy...

Variety of beads to be choose....
Loose beads ready to be assembled.

Cara-cara memakainya...
Try and wear this and you'll never regret..
It's not that heavy as you thought... it's just an enhancer which add a bit of glitter and dangle to your chin.
Look very nice if you wear it with plain scarf.
It's customise and unique.
Feel free to choose colour and stone of your choice.
So for those who are interested you can always e:mail me directly at

Hurry up, stocks are limited...
and let's get dangle all day.. it really makes your day...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Craving for Cranberry Cheese @ The Loaf

Today Insya Allah I am fasting ... so my mind start to think about food already...then suddenly I remember the Cranberry Cheese @ The Loaf, Empire Shopping Gallery... right away thought to post this entry. Look at the variety of loaf they have... I just couldn't stop myself to choose few... Everything looks so tempting and freshly baked from the oven... While choosing my bread, one of the staff suggested me to pick the cranberry cheese. He said this is one of their hot sellers.

Cranberry cheese as narrated in the description card
"Soft butter rolls dough, with perfect combinations of selected premium dried cranberry, blend with our special home made cream cheese."

True enough, I like it... the cream cheese feeling just made me speechless... hmmm ahhh ooohhh...
They do sell homemade cookies ....
and cheese cupcakes too... but I didn't dare to even have a glance at it... maybe next time okay...
So these were our catch for the day...
It was about 11.00 am when we reached there, so it's a perfect timing to have something light to bite... my 2 kiddos definitely enjoy each bite of the bread.
Harus lah singgah Empire petang ni....

Sambal Taun

Today I am going to share a recipe (turun temurun) from my MIL which is called..
Ayam Kampung
(alternatively can use "perut lembu", kupang, kerang, kulit lembu)
Sound exotic isnt it?
Bawang Merah
Bawang Putih
Cili Padi
Plenty of lengkuas
Sedikit perahan air asam jawa

Cara - Cara membuatnya :
1. Tumbuk bawang merah , bawang putih, cili padi, lengkuas dan belacan
2. Tumiskan bahan-bahan tumbuk sehingga garing
3. Masukkan ayam kampung dan sedikit air
4. Masukkan lengkuas yang dihiris nipis (banyak)
5. Masak ayam sehingga empuk
6. Masukkan santan
7. Masukkan cili padi (sebiji-sebiji)
8. Masukkan garam dan perahan air asam jawa
9. Sedia untuk dihidang
dan hasilnya
Sambal taun merupakan hidangan asli turun temurun orang berketurunan jawa... biasanya dihidang pada hari raya... sangat sesuai dimakan dengan nasi impit.....

My views
I like the balance taste of spiciness and lemak... the aroma of the galangal really makes the whole dish taste so good and delicious...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding of Izwan's Sister @ Kajang

Fauzana & Rafaee
23 October 2010
This week , another special wedding attended by Ms Dots and enche hubby.. This newly wed couple is  sister to Izwan (UMA member).. so attendance is not less than compulsory....
Special gift from the family... it's telur pindang.. OMG!!! it's my favourite... I felt that those who give telur pindang is considered giving luxury goods.. it is very famous in Johor.. but I hardly get this egg in KL... Telur pindang is boiled with special herbs and layered of leaves that add aromatic flavour and natural brownish colour to the egg... very yummy...
and we got this cute chocolate bucket too

Thanks Dee for this cute bucket...
This is Uncle Meet Again members
(From left : Izwan and Dee (tuan rumah), enche Wan and Salmi and Ms Dots in Pink Polka Dot baju kurung).. eh where's enche hubby??? sedang mengambil gambar. 
Ni antara habit Ms Dot yang tak dapat nak dielakkan... Kalau nampak orang jual aiskrim kon, pasti wajib membeli... sangat indah di makan especially sewaktu tengah hari panas terik....
Double cone.. 1 for me and 1 for enche hubby...
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