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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Small Town Journey - Benta , Pahang

Welcome to Benta. This is going to be series of my journey to small town. Benta is located in Pahang within the district of Lipis. Benta is in between two famous town i.e Raub and Kuala Lipis. It is about 20 km from Kuala Lipis town and Raub. A friend of mine said that Benta is very famous of it's locally made kuih koci and dodol. Some people dare to drive all the way from KL just to get the special kuih koci. Unfortunately info came after we left this peaceful Benta town.
Actually we were from Sg Koyan headed to Kuala Lipis just for Sunday morning market. When we reached Kuala Lipis we were quite dissapointed because the Pekan sehari Lipis has been rescheduled to Saturday.. luckily we asked this helpful auntie and told us to drive to Benta, Jerantut or Raub. Since Benta is just on the way to Raub.. I am quite happy that at least I still got a chance to go to the Sunday morning open market.
The locals here still have the time to patiently wait for the bus..
Moment I saw the market area... I got very excited and can't wait to buy those stuffs which you rarely found in KL. It's so fresh and cheap. I love masakan ala kampung... so this is the place...
See what I can buy with RM20.00.
1. Rebung (Bamboo Shoot) - RM1.00 sepinggan
2. Pucuk Paku - RM1.00 seikat
3. Serai RM 1.00 seikat (12pcs)
4. Gula kabung - RM5 each. This is the most expensive thing here.. but taste so good when used to make the traditional kuih.
Must buy!!!!
6. Cili padi kampung RM2.00 per can - bought 2 for RM4.00
7. Terung telunjuk - RM1.00 sepinggan.
Bought 2 for RM1.50
8. Petai - RM2.00 seikat (5-6 papan)
TOTALof RM15.50
Other things which are available but I didn't buy
Jantung pisang, variety of pisang, terung pipit, jagung muda, pucuk ubi, terung bulat, pucuk betik, sambal hitam, belimbing buluh, petai jeruk, jeruk maman, pure tempoyak, sambal rom, asam keping, batang keladi, budu, belacan etc.
 Enche hubby got hooked up at Pasar Akuakultur, Benta where there sell live fresh water fish.
Of course Pahang is famous for their Ikan Patin and Ikan Baung. They sell ikan pekasam too.
 And the balance of RM4.50 was enough for me and enche hubby to have a morning coffee and tea at nearby stall. hmmm rasa terkilan gak tak dapat rasa kuih koci yang diperkatakan tu.
Adios Benta...

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