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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding of Izwan's Sister @ Kajang

Fauzana & Rafaee
23 October 2010
This week , another special wedding attended by Ms Dots and enche hubby.. This newly wed couple is  sister to Izwan (UMA member).. so attendance is not less than compulsory....
Special gift from the family... it's telur pindang.. OMG!!! it's my favourite... I felt that those who give telur pindang is considered giving luxury goods.. it is very famous in Johor.. but I hardly get this egg in KL... Telur pindang is boiled with special herbs and layered of leaves that add aromatic flavour and natural brownish colour to the egg... very yummy...
and we got this cute chocolate bucket too

Thanks Dee for this cute bucket...
This is Uncle Meet Again members
(From left : Izwan and Dee (tuan rumah), enche Wan and Salmi and Ms Dots in Pink Polka Dot baju kurung).. eh where's enche hubby??? sedang mengambil gambar. 
Ni antara habit Ms Dot yang tak dapat nak dielakkan... Kalau nampak orang jual aiskrim kon, pasti wajib membeli... sangat indah di makan especially sewaktu tengah hari panas terik....
Double cone.. 1 for me and 1 for enche hubby...

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