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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dangling Brooch

Hmm... I have problem capturing these images of my dangling brooch... this brooch shines and can't stay still. I have to snap it in a very close shot... then this handphone camera of mine is not so sophisticated to zoom to this tiny dangling object... and as a result...
Very blurry kind of image.... My point is, this brooch looks much more nicer if you look them in real. I have wearing this a month ago... now I feel weird if I am not wearing any... At first I bought this from one of the cart selling accessories at nearby Giant... then this selller have so many customer and didn't have enough time to stock up new collection. Then, I showed this brooch to a friend of mine... moment she saw it.. she said she can try doing it.... Now I just ordered from her... and I can't even differentiate between the two... hmm very happy...

Variety of beads to be choose....
Loose beads ready to be assembled.

Cara-cara memakainya...
Try and wear this and you'll never regret..
It's not that heavy as you thought... it's just an enhancer which add a bit of glitter and dangle to your chin.
Look very nice if you wear it with plain scarf.
It's customise and unique.
Feel free to choose colour and stone of your choice.
So for those who are interested you can always e:mail me directly at

Hurry up, stocks are limited...
and let's get dangle all day.. it really makes your day...

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