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Monday, October 4, 2010

Baraan Hari Raya - Uncle Meet Again

Hi all... hopefully it's still not too late to share about Hari Raya. It's been our tradition to ziarah in group from house to house from morning till evening with our close friends which is known as Uncle Meet Again group. Actually we are schoolmates in SMKASL (Junc 5). So for this year all Uncle Meet Again family member will gather at Sri Putra , then Kota Seriemas,Nilai, Sri Gombak, Kota Damansara , Ara Damansara and my house in Shah Alam.

Let me introduce the family member of Uncle Meet Again :

Hj Bad @ Uncle Dalyp (Masa ni still solo lagi)
Salmi (Antie Chemi) and Uncle Wan
Seri Gombak
Uncle Izwan, Farah and Antie Di
Ara Damansara
Iman,Uncle Izami, Antie Nonie and Muadz
Both husband and wife were schoolmate
Seri Putra
Haziq, Antie Shina, Kak Mok, Uncle Senoi and Aban
Kota Damansara
Amani, Uncle Randy, Alya, Antie Sri and Atiqah (Kak Long)
Both husband and wife were schoolmate
Kota Seriemas, Nilai
and last but not least
My big happy family
From left : Danisha (Isha), Dzafrel (Papel), Antie Olin (Ms Dots), Uncle Azuan (enche hubby),
Dzarif, Darin and Daini
shhh me and enche hubby were schoolmate too...
Shah Alam

and this is it... our big happy family..
This year, for a change we went to snap group photo outdoor. Just imagine everybody in complete baju melayu and baju kurung under the hot sun. Memang sangat fun.

For this baraan, each host prepare a simple dish and this is it.. Tak sempat nak lapar dah makan lagi...

And the most enjoyable persons would be the kids. Macam-macam ragam

Especially when it comes to the awaiting moment... Dapat duit Raya

So secara keseluruhannya, program baraan berjalan lancar. Alhamdulillah semua rumah dapat diziarahi and hopefully tradisi in dapat diteruskan dimasa akan datang.
Apa pun I must give special thanks to...Mr Walkie Talkie... yang telah banyak berjasa sewaktu konvoi..


  1. Lo'Ein, love love love your family pic. Nice =) Keep on writing yeah. Kalau free, can have a cuppa at Starbucks dekat Masalam =) Lama tak jumpa you Ein! can ask Zetty to join in as well.

  2. Cayalaaa...Uncle Meet Again......

  3. Dikwi, kalau starbuck..anytime..i'll be there almost every tuesday and friday coz i send my kids to Kumon.


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