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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meriah nya Raya - Baraan Geng Kampung

For this post, I just want to share how meriah is my raya.. just bear with loads of photos... This is our ziarah with another group of friends from same hometown with enche hubby.... Since we're short of weekend so, we all started to ziarah from house to house on weekdays. This year the participants has increased. We welcome few young married couple on board... So all together... I've lost count.. but wait till I list them down. Every night we went to ziarah 2 houses...

1. Rumah Enche Harun (Kicap), Azie and family
2. Rumah enche Mustafa (Wak Misai), Nur and family
3. Rumah enche Fauzi (Pujic), Ija and family
4. Rumah enche Misri, Ruzi and family
5. Rumah enche Zul (Ijul), Mila and family
6. Rumah enche Faizal (Pejai), Ina and family
7. Rumah enche Azuan, Olin and family
8. Rumah enche Zamri (Wak John) , Marina and family
9. Rumah enche Nazari (Gendung) and Piah
10. Rumah enche Fadhil and family
11. Rumah enche Farid, Yati and Family
12. Rumah enche Nasri, Ayu and family

Phhheeewww.. that was it... Yesterday was the last day... We went beraya almost every night. I am fully occupied... A bit tiring but this is the only time we spent to chat, change ideas, recipes, parenting tips etc. I must gift a special thank to each host (mummy)  who has sacrifice their time just to make some delicious food preparation for the guest and every houses has it's own uniqueness and specialty. So, I welcome you guys to witness those joyful nights...
My cute little Isha
Kaum ibu .. biasala maintain ayu gitu...
Sempat jugak cik Ija kita sambut birthday... Happy birthday dear
Kaum bapa memang sokmo lepak di luar rumah

Mummy mummy yang vogue gitu...
From left : Ayu, Marina, Ina, me (Ms Dots), Ija, Azie and Ain
But special tribute to our little Aqil... suka sangat pose depan camera. He will stop and stare right in front of the camera waiting for his photo to be snapped. He's so cute...


  1. OhMyGosh! Ni la baru betul orang kata RAYA SAKAN! Best!

  2. That's not the end.. masih lagi gi beraya sehingga esok...he he


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