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Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding of Hj Bad and Atiqah

I just feel to write something ... Though I have a very tight dateline to be met... Still have piled of outstanding jobs to be completed... but I need a break... so I thought I'll write about  wedding of our big bro Hj Bad (Uncle Dalyb) and Atiqah. Since I cannot upload the photos from office, then I'll finish off with the story and add the photo (Ehsan from enche Izwan) tonight.

The wedding took place in Port Dickson at Atiqah's parent's house and it started after Maghrib. Alhamdulillah all Uncle Meet Again members were there to witness the solemnization of Hj Bad and Atiqah and everything went smooth. It's a simple yet very memorable ceremony especially for the bride and groom..
 For us as a guest , I  still can't forget the food they serve for the night. Variety and very special indeed. Originated from Negeri Sembilan.. and I just love the kampung style dishes ... Less is more...
Special dishes for the night:
1. Udang and ulam masak tempoyak
2. Kambing masak rempah
3. Rusa masak gulai
4. Ayam goreng berempah
5. Acar Ikan Masin
6. Dalca
7. Nasi Putih/Nasi Minyak
8. Assorted Traditional Kueh
9. Ulam-Ulaman
10. Fruits
11. Cold and Hot Drinks
Ni pengantin lama yang ala-ala maintain ayu gitu

To both of you, I wish you all the best and may Allah bless your marriage forever. Hmm semoga cepat di kurniakan cahaya mata since both have lots to catch up..he he

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