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Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Hunt 2010

Sempena sambutan Hari Alam Sekitar Sedunia, me and gang once again team up for the Green Hunt. Rasanya belum pun habis penat Mystery Drive ke Sungai Petani, tapi sebab spirit nak crack the clue masih menebal, we all take the clallenge to join this hunt. It's an open hunt. Maksudnya cabaran lebih susah and persaingan lebih sengit sebab terpaksa compete dengan regular hunters. 

The hunt was divided into 3 Stages.

Stage 1 :  24 questions with 1 task.
Stage 2 : 4 tasks including Rock Climbing, Fear Factor, Paint Ball and Archery
Stage 3 : 41 questions plus 1 treasure
Additional : Crossword puzzle and general question on environmental.
Duration : 7 hrs (8.00am-3.00pm)
Location : Shah Alam
C.O.C : En. Azman and En. Zahrin from Krazeehunt

No doubt that we are very familiar with Shah Alam route, but that does not contribute much coz the no of questions given is too many to answer within the time given. My team did not make to the top ten winners but the other team got the 9th place. This is considered very good achievement for the beginners like us. More to be learned, more reading is required, wider general knowledge and mastery of advance treasure hunt clues is essential in order to make winning possible. Try harder next time.. me and Enche hubby baru berkira-kira untuk join the next hunt on 26th June 2010 organized by MENGO.
This time we tried to used internet as answering tool. Still not use to it and it causes delay but really helpful to break difficult codes and define terms. Problem is the battery get exhausted within 1 hr after using..
Tired faces while waiting for the result.
The top ten winners without ranking were annouced on the hunt day but the prize giving ceremony was held on the next day.
We won the consolation prize of RM400 and hampers. Che wah tumpang tuah nampak..
The real winners.... I tumpang sekaki je tadi.
Hmmmm.. in our dream to win RM10,000
Kehadiran Maya Karin sebagai jemputan khas merangkap duta Earth Day menambah seri Majlis Pelancaran Sambutan Hari Alam Sekitar.

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