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Friday, July 16, 2010

PROTON 25 Years

Today, I'm a bit excited to go to work. Simply because, we have special attire to wear to office today. This special edition shirt was given in conjunction to the celebration of the PROTON 25 Years.  Eventhough, I 've been here for just 14 years, but felt so proud to be part of this big family. Why I like this shirt ?? Nicely design, right size , there's a touch of details (logo) and its FOC. A bit of description about this shirt...
Colour : Black and grey
Logo : 25 years embroidered and 1 PROTON on the right sleeve.
Type : Long Sleeve Shirt with collar
Material : Cotton(90%) + Polyester (10%)

Ni antara pose-pose poyo me and geng kat opis...Jangan mare...

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