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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dapur Magika Kak Lin's secret blend

What is your favourite herbs sprinkled in your daily cooking? I have few but I found it too many if I were to put each type of spice in my cooking everytime... So, I came out with an idea to mix everything and have it combined in one spoonful for my cooking... it contained different substance but just right to give you basic flavour to your cooking.... to balance every ingredients is the key secret for perfect cooking...and you will need just one extra spice to suit your cooking....

So what goes in my magical blend?

Ingredients :

Dried garlic
Medley ground peppercorn (Black, Red, White)
Chilli flakes

Mixed everything and this spicy blend will gives the fiery, bold and robust... just right for pepping up stir fries...suitable for vegetarian.....

Serving suggestions :

Use as desired to add a chilli kick for:-

  1. Curry mix
  2. Italian cooking (Lasagne, Pizza topping, Ragu sauce, bechamel sauce, Aglio Olio, al dante pasta etc.) with the italian mixed herbs added on
  3. Mexican dishes and sauces
  4. Work great for BBQ prep (used for marinating chicken , beef, lamb, hot dog etc)
  5. Salad dressings
  6. Perfect for pan grilled stuff - Fish fillet (especially salmon), vegetables
  7. Taste enhancer for stir fry vegetables or anything
  8. Savoury effect for chicken pie, pastry filling etc...

I used this in most of my dishes..... and that is why I call this my magical blend made with love.... recite bismillahirrahmanirrahim and sprinkle on any food you wish....

Bottled it and store in dry cool place....

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