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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Self Indulgence

Started my day with brekkie at Starbuck Coffee.. surprisingly on the 26th day of January they still have the
Toffee Nut Latte
but without the Red Cup..this is really unexpected..
enjoying every sip in a very chillax momentos
 how I wish they have this coffee all year round instead of just in December
I have all the time for this
Today, I took half day leave for some personal reason
after settling what supposed to be done
I have about 2 hours left before clocking in to my office
After a thought, suddenly I remember of my long overdue wishlist
I then make my way to my first visit ever to
I don't even have a minute to go through each menu.. Ordered this, as suggested by the girl who served me but she suggested me to switch it to Olio with seafood.. whatever... how I wish I can bring this menu back home so that I'm more ready and know what to order for my next visit...
Since I am alone and not familiar with this place, to be safe,
 Place order for Take Away
Peek inside this bag
The pasta look so good
and the aroma is everywhere
my stomach started sounded
I am quite positive that one day this dish is going to be served from my own kitchen... I got all the visible ingredients in my mind already
Parmesan Cheese
Seafood of your choice (Mussels, Prawn, Calamari)
Button Mushroom
Olive Oil
But I am still figuring out the herbs used for this dish
Could it be chilli flake, pepper, salt etc...
and don't forget to add
a pinch of love.. for the final touch

hmmm... best kan.. sekali sekala dapat belanja diri sendiri... okay enough.. I could probably have this enjoyment twice a year at most... my normal routine for weekdays would be having simple breakfast and a "tapau mixed rice" for lunch but with friends around to chat.. I think I like to keep it that way... and for weekend.. obviously spending my time with family is the greatest moment...


  1. yehaaa once a while belanja diri sendiri best jugak kan.. bila start cuti for chinese new year ye? enjoy the break.. :)

  2. Next week .. hari Rabu.. plan nak ke JB. main obejective JJCM.. jom pi makan.


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