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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monkey's feeding time

I want to share our secret hide out to this place.... where is it?? it's actually near the banglo houses area in Section 9. It's on the peak of Section 9 where lives this group of monkeys in this little jungle.  Love to bring my kids here.. It's a free zoo. But this place has been distracted with development and constructions. These monkeys were the new generation. Still young. Previously, the Jabatan Perhilitan people has moved the earlier generations to somewhere else. It's quite sad when you throw food, not even a single monkey came to grab the food. Very quiet.. they do that because of the complaints from the neighbourhood... they got wild when they are hungry... but now they're back.. we normally brought Gardenia bread to feed these monkeys. These monkeys are a bit shy.. They will peep at you from behind the leafy then slowly come down from the tree to grab the food.. We spent like 10 minutes to watched their cheeky acts to get the food.. that's it
So here's a favourite rhyme for my kiddos..
Five little monkeys
Jumping on the bed
One fell down and broke his leg
Mama called the doctor
The doctors said
No more monkeys jumping on the bed
Isha and Daini were so excited to feed the monkey.. I don't dare to let them out of the car..

okay kids time to go.. we'll bring more fruits and nuts for them next time okay..

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