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Sunday, January 2, 2011

EOCM Gathering at Bagan Lalang

We drove all the way to Bagan Lalang with the other more than 50 Exorians for the new year EOCM gathering. Meet up at R & R Dengkil before the konvoi started.. Alhamdulillah the weather is fine and the response from Exorians was overwhelmed.

It was a pot luck kind of arrangement. So meaning.. everybody must bring something to share including me... OMG .. what should I bring.. enche hubby suggested few things.. but I was still half hearted. Last minute decided to bring mushroom soups with garlic bread. So given about 1 hour to prepare my soups and garlic bread..
All set and ready... plan to pan grilled the garlic bread at the picnic location... it works.. brought 10 loaf of bread equivalent to 2 trays... everything gone within half an hour...  I used my mobile stove and grilled the garlic bread on the non-stick pan.... only 3 slices of bread at one go... so from the beginning people have to queue up for the bread...
 My garlic bread

Someone requested for the recipe... very easy.
1 loaf of bread (bought at TESCO)
p/s : RM1.00 per loaf
Spread with butter
(Add garlic and daun sup)
That's it..
Busy work in progress
Had a great time.. well done EOCM member.. special tribute to the hardworking comittee (especially enche hubby) for making this happen...
 My 5 kiddos..

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