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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day Back to School

Today is first day of school for Year 2011. I normally took leave to arrange for my kids.. pay fees, arrange for transporter etc. After 6 weeks of school holiday.. it's a bit chaotic for me to adapt back to the normal routine. The first day is definitely the most tiring day for me..

This year 3 kids will be in primary
Darin - Standard 6
Fiqri - Standard 5
Daini - Standard 2
 Isha will be going to preschool.  
My tight schedules for the 1st day of school.
6.50 am : Depart from home to SKS9 to send Darin and Fiqri
7.00 am : Send Daini to SRA Sek 3
9.20 am : Send kids school bag and uniforms for afternoon classes at my mom's house 
9.30 am : Went to Daini's school to pay for fees
10.00 am : Went to Smart Reader section 9 for final enquiry before Danisha enrolment
10.20 am : Went to SKS9 to pay for Darin and Fiqri school fees
11.00 am : Drop by at SRA 3 to confirm Daini's transporter
11.30 am : Went to bank and break for lunch
2.30 pm : Enche hubby drop me at Smart Reader Sec 9 for Danisha enrolment
2.40 pm : Enche hubby rush to SKS9 to pay for Daini's fees
3.45 pm : My dental appointment
5.00 pm : Drop by at Mutiara Learning Centre to register Darin for tuition
5.45 pm : Rush to Smart Reader to change Isha's uniform (wrong size)
6.00 pm : Fetched Darin and Fiqri from my mom's house
6.30 pm : Met transporter for Daini and fetched Daini for first day school
7.50 pm : Send Darin for Tuition
10.30 pm : Fetched Darin from Tuition
11.00 pm : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
That was it.. end of day...

hmm... luckily my kids have this special service.


  1. hehe dah star sekolah makin bz lah yer.. tapi excited jugak at the same time kan tengok dorang ke sekolah.. :)

  2. Bila diorang start sekolah.. mama ikut bz... especially nak pujuk Isha who has thousand excuses not to go to school..


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