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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Blurberry" Friday

What a blur friday I had.... day dream all day...and slow respond to everything...
Help.. I need something to boost my mood.
think once
think twice
YUUUPPP blink... I got and idea
why not drive to
WONDERMILK++  during lunch??

From the long list of menu available
Super Beef N Fries
Wonder Wedges,Sloppy Fries
Super Fries,Smores

 Chicken & Cheese,Beef Rasher & Cheese
Beef Coney & Cheese,Tuna & Cheese, Just Cheese

Mr. Beefsteak, Turkey Love Affair
California Chicken,Mushroom Melt
BBQ Chicken,Beef Rasher
Tuna Melt,Mr Egghead,
Say Cheese, Honey Mustard Cheicken,
Pesto Chicken Surprise

Super Cheese Burger, Cheese N' Steak Roll
Hickory Dickory Wings, Sloppy Hotdog
Hot Diggity Dog, Sloppiest Joe
Might Ranch Chickken Salad
Tuna Pesto Surprise Salad

not so easy to make a decision on what to eat
ta-daaahh, here's my stripy lunch box
and inside the box is my catch of the day
Beef Coney and Cheese Baked Potato
Light lunch to compensate and balance with rich cupcakes for the desserts
and I chose the cupcakes which matched my purple baju kurung (tak sengaja)....
Blueberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Blueberry
Actually these are the newly introduced flavour by Wondermilk
it taste awesome..
 Eat the cute, creamy cupcakes with friends...

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