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Monday, January 17, 2011

Putrajaya Treasure Hunt 2011

Another brave decision to take up challenges by participating the recently held Putrajaya Treasure Hunt 2011 (A MAZING HUNT). It an opened hunt to all and the respond was overwhelmed. Many regular hunters or those categorised as "MASTER" joined the hunt. Me and collegues surely don't want to miss the hunt too. Well, bearing in mind the main objective of joining this hunt is to get the real hunt experience but nevertheless deep inside our heart we're still hoping to get a placement. Browsing through the hunt structure which has the combination of physical and hunt questions, we initially thought that this may not be an advantage and favourable to the Master or those listed in the Hall of Fame. Some facts about this hunt.
 Date : 15th January 2011
Venue : Putrajaya
Organiser : Perbadanan Putrajaya Holdings
CoC : Mr. Kroll Nazib
Participation fee = RM300 per car (3-4 pax)

LEG 1 : 15 Questions to be answered with 3 marks each
5 TASKS to be completed including Snap and Show Picture Task which carried 30 marks
Photo to be taken with this pose and a given panoramic background of Putrajaya Dam
1 Tie breaker task
LEG 2 : 15 Questions at ALAMANDA with 3 marks each (LEG 2 question can only be collected after you have stamped at all tasks checkpoints)
TOTAL Marks = 145
Our teams hunt experience :
2 teams participated in this hunt to try our luck competing with another 180 teams.
(Azuan, Ms Dots, Ibrahim, Aniza, Gee, Amil, Hashim and Fazly)
We have manage to complete all tasks smoothly and able to break the clue for all the treasures except for 1 treasure which was really out of our mind that is "PERIA". We bought Green Peas instead. But our real problem is to solve the Questions for LEG1 and LEG2. What went wrong? where are we slacking?? So after the post mortem we have list out the real issue of losing...
1st: We have difficulties in identifying the location of answers
2nd: We're not used of looking for answers which are not in sequence.
3rd : First time attempting to question fromthis hunt CoC
4th : Not expecting answer printed on moveable items like mirror sticker, promotional banner, main hole cover, stroller and coin toys etc.
5th : Does not consider small print as the possible answer
6th : Doesn't thought of the clue. Even if we got the clue/hint (especially for general knowledge question) unable to relate back to the question. Don't even know how to deal with it
7th : Mis interpret the meaning or the sound of a word. Example : we read "flower" as in "bunga" instead of "flow-er" as in "saliran". Moral of the story, please refer to dictionary to dig out multiple meaning of a word.
8th : Out of time
9th : which lead to "PANIC"
10th : Lack of planning.
Lesson learnt : Do not get influenced by tricky answer and try to find or read every single word written on anything (perhaps, the smaller the better). The likelihood of you getting the correct answer is high if you keep on going with the spirit rather than surrender before hand.

I must expressed my sincere congratulations to the winner who have made it. They deserved to win and for us, lets move on and we'll try harder in the next challenge.
(picture from Michael Phang)
But for me, I have this most interesting and unforgettable experience where I have to eat this  alive "ULAT SAGO". Yeaaakksss I myself couldn't believed that I have done that.

No matter what the result was, we had so much fun together and let's these peektures tell the whole story. 
Final result were out.. so memang tak sangkut.. so we decided to have a small celebration at Mat'am Saba Cyberjaya.. kalau menang tak tahu la macamana gaya makannya..
 The end

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  1. salam..

    hi dear, was bloghopping when i stumbled into yours.

    anyway, i was there too, at the putrajaya treasure, salam perkenalan :)

    and if we happen to cross paths again in the treasure hunting world, lets say hello :)


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