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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ikan Goreng Special

How would you normally fry fish? of course all you need is to add a pinch of salt and tumeric powder and fry it.. very easy isn't it.. but I like to modify the norm by adding up a little bit of other simple ingredients to enhance the flavour.. or simply make simple sauce/dip for it... here's two simple dish which I just discovered and like...

A bit of hint :
The rule is if you find anything interesting when eating out , taste that something with your heart.. and try to figure out the main ingredients used.. then quickly try this  at home before the taste dissapear from your mind... Insya Allah if not better , you'll get 90% right... and the best part you get to share with your loves one..., friends or whoever you like...

I have tested my rule and it works everytime... sometime you got to do it twice or more to fine tune the look and the taste of your new recipe...

Test no. 1 :
Ordered this Fried Fish in Pakbara Thailand. To be there again is something which is not going to happen very very soon...
In less than a week, I tried this recipe with a bit of modification to suit my taste... see it's so yummy..

My modified ingredients :
Slices of Spanish Mackarel (Ikan tenggiri)
Tumeric Powder and salt

For the sauce :
Light Soya sauce
Fish Sauce
Bit of chopped garlic
Chilli padi
Drop of tamarind extract

For Garnish
Coriander Leaf and Sliced Onion
and don't forget to put the magic spell
A pinch of love and flying kiss
Test no 2 :
This is a bit tricky... my friend just upload this photo which I have cropped and described them
"Nasi bawal goreng....@banting....kalah kedai kat blkg kilang molex,prai....lazaaaatttt"
quoted from Mohd Izwan fb...
Though I didn't taste them, but using purely my instinct... I tried this recipe with the same fish.. 
Ikan Bawal (Local)
(the taste of the local bawal fish flesh is so sweet and fresh.. )
Fresh Tumeric
and don't forget
+++ a pinch of love+++
And the results of my test......
Pass with A++
Based on your observation, I leave it to you to judge which one is better.. I have my own fans and guinea **g to be the witness and judges to my experiments.. and most of them like mine... it's not me that make the difference.. you yourself can do this too...I do fail and got negative comments.. but to me most importantly, give yourself a chance. You continue doing it if you like and just stop the first time if you think you dislike it.

Try to practice this often and you will be the happiest person on earth because :
1. Your hubby will bring you to eat out more often for a new recipe discovery session
2. Upgraded your cooking skill
3. Develop your recipe bank
3. Variety of flavour, taste, colour, theme origin of food from rest of world in your cooking style
4. You often see happy faces from your loves one
5. Cost effective
6. Self satisfaction

Remember , you got to be sincere and cook with love...

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