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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Restoran Ayam Kampung @ Tanjung Malim

It's 1.00 o'clock sharp.. I'm in front of the restaurant with many others waiting for the restaurant to opened. This restaurant opened at 1.00 pm everyday.. and it's operation hours is just few hours than it closed.. Located next to Sek Men. Khir Johari Tanjung Malim. The restaurant has no signboard.. just a manilla card with a drumstick picture and a tagline written "cuba satu pasti tak cukup"..

When the door opened, everyone who were patiently waiting outside rush into the retaurant for lunch.. What is so special about this restaurant that makes everyone dying to eat here..Let's have a look.
The food were cooked in small portion and just like homecook.. and their specialty is
 "Ayam Kampung"
Their special menu :
Ayam kampung goreng
Rendang ayam kampung
Asam rebus ikan baung
Masak berlada udang dengan petai
Gulai sotong
Sayur rebus
Sambal belacan
Ikan haruan goreng
Ikan masin
Look at that.. food nampak simple tapi sangat menyelerakan. Makan memang bertambah-tambah.. went here with my parents.. my father ni orang Perak.. so memang kena dengan selera dia.. If you ever pass through Tg Malim town at this hour.. please drop by and experience the taste yourself....
Here, you don't need to worry what to order for drinks.. there's only one type of drink available which is Chinese Tea.. nothing else.. and get prepare for extra cash because you may want to try variety type of dish here.. and the price is a bit above te normal standard.. don't worry it's really worth it.. 

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