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Friday, December 31, 2010

Uncle Meet Again Go Picnic

I wanted to post this entry yesterday but to tired to think what to write... just to share how my family end the year 2010. This picture was taken after my kids went back from swimming. We were glad to have enche Izami and family joining us... see how merrier my house was?

My kids (5 all together)
My niece and nephew (Faheem, Farel, Irsyad and Damia)
My neighbours kids (Ifa and Aizad)
enche Izami's kids (Iman and Muaz)
Total of 13 kiddos
they were all eating my homemade mushroom soup and garlic bread. Love to have this kids around... my house tak pernah rasa sunyi sebab memang sentiasa jadi kunjungan port anak buah, my kids friends and neighbours... alhamdulillah...
Then, we went out for night picnic at Dataran Selangor....
enche Izami and family
Our big happy family...

Bye bye 2010
Happy  New Year to all

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