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Monday, December 13, 2010

ACCA Nite 2010

Dear ACCA Member
acca Nite! 2010

Ballroom A, Doubletree by Hilton
Friday 10 DEcember 2010
1800 hours-2230 hours

We are pleasse to conform your reservation to a night of fun activities and lucky draws.
With pockets full of business cards
Dressed in formal attire with a tinge of RED
the ACCA Realise Briefing scheduled from 6.45pm-7.30pm
will prepare you for a night of sizzling converstaions and sparkling merriment...
I was invited for ACCA Nite 2010. A night to welcome new member of ACCA. Actually, I have completed my exam years ago.. back in 2002.. by right I've should had attended the same ceremony in 2005.. after completing the 3 years practical experience.... somehow it was delayed due to reason which I personally don't have the answer for it.. so here I am.. attending the nite with enche hubby .. I persuaded enche hubby to join me coz I know no one there... and no one knows me either... I guess... my aim is just to show up.. that's it.... I can't imagine myself going through the decent night...
Dinner served was Chinese Course... yeapp my favourite of all ... I enjoyed every bite despite my dental health distruption for the past 1 week.... come , let me share what's on table.... Check it out...
Then, in the middle of having dinner, we were asked to queue up for the appreciation ceremony...
hmm this is just the beginning... when it's over, then the MC for the night started calling up the winner for the lucky draw.. first they choose the lucky table... if your table is lucky, then the entire members sitting in the table will get a prize... hmm surprise... my table is one of the 5 lucky tables... Table no 14.
Then, they go on with the games....yes, it's treasure hunt..  a piece of paper which contained the clues was place under one of our chair... there's a list of things which we need to bring.. 1 of the thing I can still remember is they asked us to bring 1 pc of grey hair... very funny... we were the first table to be on stage.. but we missed out 2 things.. so we were disqualified..... there's another game held... but I just couldn't be bothered... but can't help myself laughing even being the audience..  
Then, they continued calling names for the individual lucky draw.. names after names.. and suddenly I heard my name being called NURLIN IDRIS from PROTON... it was a perfume for his and her.... wow... tonight is just my lucky night.... DELICES DE Cartier for me and PASHA DE Cartier for enche hubby....
Then, came the moment which I really wanted to avoid.. but have to go through... it's best dress award... surprise to others but not me.. because before the dinner started, there's one guy asking my name to be nominated for the best dress.. I know that it will be just nominated...doesn't expect much... this is just coincidence that my dress met the theme.. Formal with tinge of RED. we were called to be on stage. 3 females and 3 males... from my table alone 3 person going up... what else.. they force us to do the cat walk.. ohh no it's just not me.... I'm scared that I got slip.. and the whole croud will laugh like crazy.... luckily it did not happen.. but I can't hide my nervous.. then the winner will be based on the clapped from the audience.... the louder the clap, the more likely you are going to be chosen as a winner. true enough.. as expected all the 6 nominees get a token of appreciation for being sporting.... I thought that's the end.. but it's not.. they still want to annouce the best dress for female and male.. I feel like I'm going to fainted when once again they called up my name to be the best female dress.... wow.. now I'm overwhelmed.....
It was a most memorable night for me.. enche hubby felt happy too.. I went home will full handed of prizes... I think I'm smiling when I sleep... Not just that..everyone passed by me say hello and congratulate me for winning best dressed... tu belum dengar pujian tinggi menggunung .... hmmmm hampir tak terkoyak dress I malam tu... to be true.. no special preparation.. everything was last minute... no make up....make do everything available at home except for the new dress and shawl..... what more can I say .... Alhamdulillah for everything... and I personally want to congratulate myself for the special nite of recognition....
To enche hubby... thanks for the endless support...


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaah congrats kak lin!

    mmg sgt gojes baju ituu! wan napa tak pakai tuxedo..agi gantengg!

  2. Thank you ... thank you.. wan a bit under dressed.. tak pe mau teman pun dah ok...

  3. eheheh tula nak teman pon dah terbaek kan :D

  4. alalala, comelnya you Ein! Congrats dear ;)


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