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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delicious mango

If I can flashback this photo while getting around in Hat Yai.. see what I'm holding.. one is a broom and the other one is mango picker!! enche hubby bought this in of the local shop nearby Hat Yai wet market ..
This thing is made from rotan and used as mango plucker.. when you pick mango... the mango goes inside the loop.. this then refrain them from hitting the ground... simple to use and very useful tool...
very easy to handle... within half an hour.. you can get a wheelbarrow full of mangoes... I've never seen this thing here sold here....
This young mango was plucked from the tree in my PIL's house... this mango need to be plucked before it get ripes.. otherwise the tiny little cretaure will first stay in there.... the texture of this mango is high fibre... I thing they called this mango "mangga lemak".
Step : Peel the mango
Step 2 : Cut into pieces
Step 3 : Cicah with homemade garam belacan...
Recipe for garam belacan
1. Blend dried chillies
2. Kicap manis
3. Belacan
4. Salt and Sugar
For those who likes hot, add few crunch of cili padi..

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