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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Pride and Joy

Finally , my car is out... been waiting for this car months ago.... it all started months ago when I was one of the lucky staff who got the tender car.. Meaning the car was offered to staff at a bit lower than the market price.... do a little bit of touch up here and there...

Step 1 : Register the new born

Step 2 : Discharge the newborn at Tanjung Malim
Step 3 : Send for 4 layer waxing and polish
Step 4 : Replace the plate no

Step 5 : Send for tint
Step 6 : Add on self fix accessories (widescreen, carpet etc)

To do list...
1. Add skirting and spoiler
2. Change side Elegance Side Mirror
3. Buy wiser
4. Send for first 1,000KM service
Everything went well until I experience car breakdown this morning... Few times encountered ignition failure.. everytime must do emergency jump start.. but this morning is worst.. On the way to my office.. actually on the way to service centre for 1,000KM service.. suddenly the engine off right in the middle of busy road... My face turned red immediately.. can't thing of anything else except to call for enche hubby to rescue me... I am not mad on the situation but can't stand standing by the roadside.. malu giler... then the police traffic try to push my car aside.. but still in the middle of the road... causing massive traffic jam... luckily there is 1 gentlemen who was actually driving right behind me.. he came back to my car after parking at the nearby  Mc D.. there were roadwork nearby .. so along the road there's a cone.. he offered himself to push my car to the inner road... phheww that was a relief... at least my car is not blocking other peoples way... moment enche hubby came.. the car can then move.. drive all the way to COE and you know what causing the problem... the clip to the battery is loose...hmm.. what a day...

Last Sunday, I just lost my phone.. someone with no brain go and grabbed my phone from my handbag... I was busy looking for Darin's uniform while chasing after my two kiddos who cannot stay still.. the only person around me was innocent looking lady who's taking advantage upon me... I don't want to tell more on this.. make me sick and sad... life so difficult without phone... from N97 to Nokia1800 (RM100)..just able to send/recieved message and making calls... necessity function only....I must be greatful because it's only my handphone was gone.. what if my kids... just can't take it.. Nauzubillah...
My replacement phone
Sometime, you just need to be patient to get something big???
Insya Allah
What type of berry are you???


  1. Hi Mommy
    Thanks for visiting our blog. Looking forward to receive your entry on our launching giveaway! By the way, just to inform you, any purchases in the month of Dec 2010 will enjoy free postage :)

    ps: Love your blog :)

  2. lahaai sianya kak olin..mmg siott betul pencurikkkkkk tuuuuuuu..seb baeik bukan budak2 tu kena curikkk.haihh sabra jelaaa ye kak lin..yat pon penah kena sekali kat puduraya, sekali kat CM.macaaaaaaam haram!


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