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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Smile of my princesses

When I first start  blogging, I know that my kids will be the main actor and actress in my storyline. I have blessed with 2 sons and 3 daughters. After a while, I started to realise that my three daughters has their own style of smiling.
Smileshot for Darin....
Darin like to bite her lips when taking photos...

Smileshot for Daini.
Daini likes to pose sideways. Looks like she is biting her inner cheek to hide her chubbiness... to me she's not chubby at all...
Smileshot for Danisha...

among the three of them, Isha is the most cheeky. Everytime I want to snap her photo,
she will ask me ...
Isha : Mama, Isha senyum kuat-kuat ke?
Me : Ha-ah, Isha senyum kuat-kuat..
Isha : Macam ni ke ma?
Me : LOL
So, this is how she'll look . 1 line eyes and can see her teeth end to end. I tell you, she is just pretend to be that way... not natural at all... but after sometime, I'm used to it...
Then, the latest style...

Isha : Mama, sunyum kuat-kuat lagi ke?
Me : Macamana senyum kuat lagi tu?
Isha : Ha macam ni....
Me : I laugh till I want to cry...
That's my girl...


  1. isha comel.. seksinye die.. hehe..

  2. Hi Mommy,
    Let's win cute slogan tees for your kids in conjunction with our blog launch!

  3. Bab baju Isha.. memang K Lin have no say... apa dia tunjuk tu yang dia pakai...tapi dia mmg suka pilih yang mcm gitu.. ish ish kena pantau ni

  4. K-Baby.. visited your blog... i want slogan tshirt.. so cute

  5. hehe.. pandai bergaye budak kecik ni.. kecik2 takpe.. comel.. besau2 jangan.. hehe


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